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  • Pakistan is normal country , but we dont like invaders and also our enemy in our back yard. Are you bangali ?

    I didnt get why you threw these remarks towards me ?
    "...any special mission?"

    Just the usual...infiltrate the Pakistani polity discussion-base, spread insidious American propaganda, conduct occasional anti-Pakistani disinformation campaigns and...oh yeah! Free Mr. Davis... (;-)
    AoA sir m new here .
    whats gng here i dont kniw but i only came here because of name of ISI .
    i realy interested inn .
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me can i also be the part of this great team plzzzzzzzzzzzz???????
    The topic is about Indian Defence capabilities, not the desire for Indian Defence.

    Every section is added here based on its relevance to Pakistan and Indian defensive capabilities are relevant to Pakistan obviously.
    Kya hua? India defence se section se kya masla hogaya? Its a discussion category, nothing else.
    "still in hybernation mode or wanted to engage in dog fight lol?"

    Hibernation? Yes. Dogfights? No. Like things quiet when I'm a yank lurking in the land of the pure.


    How you doing Sir ?? Yups due to ramzan things are tight and so is the schedule on the forum :)
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