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    J-10C for PAF - Hypothetical Scenario

    A lightweight fighter won't play the role of a medium role fighter. Why is hard for you folk to get it? JF-17 alone could never completely replace F-16 in PAF inventory. It's simply incapable of handling the mission roles.
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    Pakistan developing its own S400 like system

    Oh bhai, Haroon Rashid ki chorney ki aadat hai, even though half the time he has no clue what he is talking about. S-400 America nhi bana paya, yeh log beth ke bana lenge? Yeh log tv pe beth ke jahiliyat phelatey hain, tum log iss forum pe ho thorey se to educated hojao? Pakistan might be...
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    $31bn exports, $32bn remittances and Rs6trn revenue likely in full 2021-22: Govt expects 5pc growth in 2HFY22

    "uneducated, impoverished masses that do nothing but procreate" Yup, you exhibited all of those traits pretty successfully with your use of language.
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    Pakistani, Indian exporters agree to share Basmati rice ownership

    Indian salt exporters used to import Pink salt from Pakistan for cheap. Rebrand it as their own, label it Himalayan Salt and place its origin in India, and export it to the global market. (Pink salt is only extracted from Pakistan and is not found anywhere else in the world) No longer allowed...
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    Year after Galwan clash: Indian Army develops military infra, deploys around 60K troops

    What's stopping you from displaying your indian flags along with your profile? Your language skills are a bit too Indian to go along with American flags. Is your nono too small that you have to post with big text to seek attention and prove your point while lacking any logical substance in...
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    Will revisit Article 370: Says Indian congress leader

    Says the guy with 11,000 posts on a Pakistani forum. Telling you people you are beyond stupid in your thought process has something to do with an obsession?
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    New building of Punjab Assembly will be Inaugurated today

    I hope you do know this kind of building takes several years to plan and build and it couldn't have been started in the last 3 years? Where do you guys leave your brains when commenting on things?
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    Will revisit Article 370: Says Indian congress leader

    the funny thing is Indians think Modi and BJP are a messiah for them. Any sane indian would be begging congress to come back but then again indians and bollywood...
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    Prime minister’s annual salary proposed at Rs2.441m

    When you are dumb and you know it.
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    MG to produce electric vehicles in Pakistan

    Dude the Awam that will buy these cars is already driving land cruisers and land rowers. Rest of the public will slowly learn.
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    Pakistan trying to reach ‘debt for nature’ swap deal with creditors: PM

    If you were to use something called a brain, you wouldn't be using the term. But then again, you sound like a low IQ.
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    Featured UK's unwavering support for Israel

    When you remove yourself from being worthy of God's favor, then he enable "others" to overpower you and rule the world. The only thing you need to change my friend is become worthy of God's favor. The Brits or Americans or Chinese didn't do anything special. It's just us who failed to hold on to...
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    Turkey seeks Pakistan and Hungary's involvement in a new mission in Afghanistan

    Why don't you take some time off of tiktok or whatever you waste it on and actually dive into the history and geopolitics of the area and why what you are suggesting is stupid :)
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    Pakistan trying to reach ‘debt for nature’ swap deal with creditors: PM

    Jahiliyat ki inteha ho tum log. A curse on my country. Can some one help him with negative ratings?

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