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  • click Personal Details option... at your profile icon thingy ..
    Arre. Did all that. There is no flag drop down. The location tag is for writing ur place, not changing ur flags.
    I wanna change my location flag. Cant find the option for flags. U being an elite might be acquainted with site architecture. Just saw u online. Hence asked u.
    nopes as of yet. just completed my MBA. got placed n will be starting to work in may. till than planning to visit didi in germany. some happy break before getting busy again. :)
    doing the same business... Forex Trading

    yahan hi hota hon but I don't reply very much

    Tum sunao kya ho raha hai aajkal? working?
    Hello....... long time???

    sorry could not reply to your last message. Zehan se hi nikal gaya thaa

    I am fine
    .so If you want Muslims to behave tell them to follow Islam rightfully as Muhammad(S.A.W.) told them to do..and dude my grandmother came from Lucknow after partition n settled in Karachi...so still got some connection with Indian brothers..which is gonna transfer to my 10 sons(my future target)..:)) Its nice having convo wid u

    Regards Malik Abdullah Awan
    what should we believe in thn?man made laws? do you think they can ever be superior to the onez made by God?..there were 124000 Prophets n the last one was sent to Arabs..God has sent His Prophets so people cud understand for wht n why they have been created...even ur Bhagwan might be the same Allah we worship..Maybe ur Ram might be one of our Prophets...Jesus,Moses,David,Solomon (A.S.) were..but there nations in the span of centuries changed the original script and started to use religion for there own interests...but in Islam Quran has been remained intact as it was 1400 years ago...n let me tell u Islam is not the religion you read in the western media...we condemn suicide bombing,killing of innocents..robbing..making unjust wars..hurting a non muslim without any reason or even making fun of his religion n forced conversions are strictly forbidden in Islam..
    I wudve agreed with u if i was an atheist...but we believe in the immortal afterlife n for Heaven we ve to do what Allah n His Prophet(S.A.W.)told us to do(Ummah = One Nation)..so we are going to continue our Jihad against the oppressors and keep fighting until we establish Khilafat again ...losing hope is a sin in Islam....this was the simplest way i cud tell u about our perspective n u I posted reply here coz Its not for discussion..take care
    Hey mate I was just wondering about you're post:

    u r rite bro. most ppl dont understand israelis. I consider myself a bit lucky to be an indian rather than being in holy land. you can understand how it feels to be surrounded by hostile population who consider you inferior (have been since last 1500 yrs) and if given a chance will massacre jews in the name of superiority (have been doing since judaism came into being).

    Do you genuinely feel like this in India? I mean I had always assumed that, for the most part, most religions got on very well in India. Do you really feel all those around you in India want to see you dead for being Jewish? It is a sad state of affairs if this is true.
    oh well i am not much into defence but more into social, economic and political issues. i had been a debates person since my school days so love arguments. Above all no knowledge is waste someday somewhere it comes handy.
    thanks. I am actually into buisness. i was in wipro previously but as of now working on some corporate training project along with that i look after for few IT projects of my to be hubby.
    And regarding the pakistani facts just tell me if you are to proove things wrong for me by being a pro pakistani wont you be you able to do so debate till the end of time..... if you are on this forum for quite ample amout of time everything will be known to you. its not a big deal.
    see the thing is she is nether a muslim nor a pro pakistani. she was hardcore pro indian. she is a hindu. she is doing it just for the sake of it because she got pissed off long back with some senior members who started bashing her for small issue so she came up with this "let be it". if u dont trust me read her very earlier posts. woh jaise ziddi bache hote hain thats it nothing else. i did quite a reaserch on her. and also i dont think she is from hyd she is in delhi if i am not wrong.
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