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    Stupid & Funny from Around the World :Continued

    Hand gestures to explain what our J-10 C fighter will do enemy aircrafts
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    PAF - PLAAF Exercise Shaheen VIII 2019 l 23rd August- China

    As a goodwill gesture, our two to three patrolling units should cross into Indian side (may be termed as sexual harassment)
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    New Poll Shows PMLN Leading over PTI in Seat Projection

    Muk gia teraa show Nawaz..... :cheers:
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    #Breaking. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp close throughout the world

    Reporting FB down in LAHORE
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    Update: Two soldiers killed, eight others injured following a wild fire at a sniper firing range

    Were snipers wearing petrol soaked grass??? How can such flames be so deadly that snipers did not even got time to do the counter measures? :tsk:
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    PAK Navy successfully intercepts Indian Submarine, foils intrusion

    Great post to dodge RAW! Now, RAW would be thinking that these are just memes from Pakistan and Major Adnan Sami would be able to continue its duty towards the nation. :cheers:
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    PAK Navy successfully intercepts Indian Submarine, foils intrusion

    We Love You Major Thanks Alot ❤ #PN NAVY
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    PAF will allow international media access to entire F-16 fleet to prove its claim

    Would be great - More Humiliation for Our Enemies.
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    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    Wreckage of the 2nd Indian fighter jet fell inside the IOK shot down by Pakistan Air Force. Kashmiris chanting "Pakistan Zindabad"

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