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  • Waqas,

    How are you doing buddy? You put yourself out on a limb for me at the other forum, which surprised me quite a bit and I am much obliged for that.

    The reaction over there reminds of people who are scared---people who have created an image of a god and no one can speak against it---and someone tries to to say something---they all come running to protect it.

    The funny thing is that in their anger to protect their resource---they are not even reading into what I am saying----their anger is clouding their judgement---they are only seeing blood in their eyes.

    I would love to particpate on that web-site if the webmaster allows me to---but we don't have any love lost for each other---and they cannot handle my presence---they will go insane.

    They have created an illusion that if everybody says it is good, then everything is good.

    Thanks again buddy. MK
    go on any of your youtube video ,. whie logged in--- yll find ''audio swap'' option on top--- doesnt have great music , but its free-- my 2 vids got music from there-- name of song is in my comments f the video

    thanks bro!
    bro , how did u remove/lighten , the copywrite marks on the corners of the pic/ cente of the aircrafts to avoid problems , for youtube?
    I dont think it can be true.. it actually doesnt make any sense..

    A UK tabloid threatens him and in fear for life he goes straight to UK..

    Dont you think its bit odd.??
    Give you're friend a kiss from me xD. and i'll be getting photos of my last photoshoot twomarro i'll give you one if you really really want it xD
    Uhh that picture of the girl in my avatar is me :P. I just photoshoped it a bit and i am a part time modle ;D.
    hey dude I really love your avatar but I think your earlier one was even better with this same lion in a slightly longer clip.
    Woah, didn't notice your message earlier, sorry!! I am not very familiar with this forum i think.
    I just work here in Topi, GIKI. am a Pustun BTW.
    Where u from?

    Edit 1: OK u r from Lahore. I told you I don't know this forum yet :)
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