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    We will be responsible if Imran not made example: Maryam Nawaz

    Jahil deyhaati low level Aurat. Dresses to be Benazir and speaks as if she’s the Queen.
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    Marriyum Aurangzeb heckled in London street and coffee shop

    Agreed, however These politicians are mere petty thieves compared to the real big thieves, who are never held accountable. They are always behind the scenes and sadly if one of them were to travel to the us or uk. People wouldn’t even know.
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    Marriyum Aurangzeb heckled in London street and coffee shop

    Although such kind of protests yield nothing, atleast it annoys these thugs who have looted the country to bankruptcy. However, the real looters and thugs are the ones who brought these people to power and allowed them to loot the country’s wealth while they did the same. I doubt any one of...
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    Upset for PTI as another MPA quits party

    He will not be elected again in the coming general elections.
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    Khalaaii Makhlook at work. Doing what they do best. It is our history, whoever tried to restrict them to their domain. Was either exiled, assassinated, defamed and poisoned, hanged, died in an accident or in a bomb blast. May Allah protect Mr. Imran. He’s fighting for a bigger cause than most...
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    Electricity bill Fake releif announcement by PDM

    Deferred payments instead of striking off the adjustment. This govt is turning out to be the biggest joke ever. Looking at it now, even Nawaz regime 2013-2018 was way better off. SHO level k bande ko PM bana diya hai. There is truly no hope for this country. Not now, not in the future. as long...
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    Geo Tv also saying wazir e azam Imran khan

    It was probably the biggest jalsa and gathering of people in the history of Pakistan.
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    Army rubbishes ‘grossly exaggerated’ reports on TTP presence in Swat

    Ab toh inki kisi baat pe yakeen nahi hota. What’s true and what’s false. But for our sake let’s hope they are telling the truth for once.
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    Enemy or friend? Imran Khan ‘secretly’ contacts US Envoy Donald Blome

    Even if he did meet the US envoy there’s nothing wrong with it. After all our establishment is an American proxy, they don’t do anything without the US approval. So once you understand that our country is not an independent country then these sort of news automatically become pointless. Khan...
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    Fazlur Rehman announces ‘war’ against those supporting Imran Khan’s politics

    Es diesel Jaison ko toh chowk pe nanga kar k phansi de deni chahiye. People like him are the frontline foreign agents in Pakistan. His family is undermining Pakistan since it’s creation.
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    General Bajwa asked US Deputy Secretary of State for 1.2 billion dollars from IMF

    Oh bayghairton. Tabah kar Diya hai mulk ab toh baaz ajao. Apne DHA ke plots beycho aur apni foreign investments Pakistan le ao. Billions of dollars a jayein ge. It’s not just one general it’s the institution as whole that’s corrupt and faulty. From Colonel up to the chief.
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    General Bajwa asked US Deputy Secretary of State for 1.2 billion dollars from IMF

    Absolutely shameful, it’s like a kid running off to his real father for money. After blowing everything in gambling. Lanat hai Es en neutrals pe. They Destroyed CPEC on their master’s aka uncle sam’s order, took khan out of power through politics, the only honest person this country has been...
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    Philippines Airforce drop HAL Tejas and finalize Gripen C/D and F-16 Block 52+

    noone In their right mind would even thinking of putting Tejas in a competitive sale against the likes of gripes and f16s. What these Indian do is that they reach an understanding with these countries and be like “look we both know you won’t buy it, but just allow it in the bid anyway so that...
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    How to contact ISI

    B Bhai the best thing you can do is khud hi pakar k gala dabba do uska. ISI is too busy manipulating politics.
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    Fact check: RDA balances are not equal to $4.5bn

    humane mulk main yehi bukwaas chalti rehti hai. Kabhi kisi ne Jhoot Bol Diya kabhi kisi government ko fauj ne gira Diya. Kabhi kisi ki corruption pakri gayi. Never any positive sustainable development ever. Bachpan se yehi bukwas sunte arahe hain. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that this...

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