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  • I got your reply just in time. Lol, I know what you are talking about though. I had to deal with the time difference while I was at university in another country. It was initially tough for my family & me to get in to contact with each other at a time suitable for all of us.

    Alright, I really got to go now bro. Bye.
    Yeah, it was foolish of me to assume that you were only of British descent, especially since many different ethnic groups migrated to New Zealand. Lol at the tribes covered in blood being losers.

    I know nothing about the artificial "elvish" language, though I have heard about it. I even found a website teaching the language used in the movie "Avatar". I can't remember what that language was called though. If I was to learn any new language, it would have to be French, either that or improve my Arabic.

    You have wide range hearing huh? How did you get those powers? Please provide me with the necessary potions & incantations lol. :P

    I might not be able to reply immediately for now bro, because it's late here & I am really sleepy.
    Haha, I had kind of knew you were Pakeha (correct me if I am using the term incorrectly) based on some your posts. Since you mentioned "blue paint" & "waving a spear", am I correct in assuming you are of British descent? Do you chant magical verses to scare your opponents while at war as well? :P (I am joking again)

    Didn't some tribes cover themselves with blood while at war?

    Yeah, it's true some Pakistanis here accuse almost anyone they ever disagree with of being an Indian. What does "Vassnti" mean bro? Is it a word from the Maori language?
    Is that you in your profile pic bro? I have to admit, you look a lot different than I thought you would. I am impressed though, it must be cool to have adapted to modern society while retaining your tribal traditions. :P

    I wish I was more in touch with my tribal roots, wait a second, I hear something! The blood of my Indo-Scythian ancestors calls upon me to go head hunting! Please excuse me, I will be right back. ;)

    Haha (I am joking.) :P
    Hope you're OK. Drop us a post on the earthquake thread when you have opportunity to let us know.
    Mr. Vassnti,
    You write many great posts. Good insights, some humor, much knowledge of history. I very much enjoy reading your input.
    Regards, TruthSeeker
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