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    South Waziristan to get much needed software update.

    Godspeed to brothers. Long live Pakistan.
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    maryam nawaj taunts Pakistan after new zealand cricket withdrawal.

    Basically shows that our politicians are the worst enemies of Pakistan when they are in opposition. I have no good feelings about them when they are in power as well.
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    Red Mosque's Maulana Abdul Aziz is threatening policemen with violence

    The spineless behavior of this state makes my blood boil. It essentially let the sacrifices of her finest people for likes of such excuse of humans. This old hag should have been thrown in a ditch along with all his suicide barbie dolls long ago. We have people without brains and balls ruling...
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    BJP-run Indian media knew about 'security threats' to NZ tour a month ago

    We all know who planted this intelligence leak. It the same people who whined about Pakistani jets and Drones in Panjshir. It is the high time to take them to task for they are never going to step away from their relentless efforts to hurt Pakistan and Pakistanis. Hope they pay albeit with...
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    PM okays lifting of 32% flour subsidy

    Devaluation is one trick which Ishaq Dar used to do, PTI did exactly the same despite criticizing him for years. If the revenues are up, why subsidies from food and pharma products are being removed? I mean if your exports are up and you are generating good taxes, why burden the common folks...
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    PM okays lifting of 32% flour subsidy

    Thing is, PTI knew everything from 2016 and interestingly claimed to have everything worked out. 2018 they come into power and they don't deliver and now even after 3 years there is no plan in sight to make structural changes to address the chronic issues of economy. IMF DOESN'T demand, they...
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    IAF to acquire 24 second-hand Mirages from France

    Thanks for pointing it out. Will Rafale replace mirages in IAF? I agree that it is a capable aircraft and Pakistan did try to acquire it. There was a thread about it here.
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    Good times ahead

    I have zero sympathy for PMln and PPP however this hike in price is because IMF has asked incumbent govt to manage the payments and easiest way to do is to either increase GST or increase utility costs just like what Pmln and ppp did.
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    Good times ahead

    Pls note that Electricity cost is also going to go up soon that essentially means more cost of production which will shrink the profit margins of companies so expect price hike in almost everything in the country...
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    PM okays lifting of 32% flour subsidy

    PTI was supposed to do these things, - Reduce inflation - Reduce taxes on common citizen - Tax the rich - Increase exports Everyone should check the present stats and evaluate PTI on it instead of making it PTI VS PMLn & PPP.
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    Yes military professional.
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    We need more voices from Bangladesh. Also i don't see any professional from Bangladesh.
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    You carry yourself very well. Don't under estimate yourself.
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    @waz @LeGenD why don't we have a Bangladeshi TTA? I think @Bilal9 is a perfect candidate.

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