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  • v9s
    Well perhaps don't accuse everyone who disagrees with you as being a Qadiyani. You want your arguments to be seriously taken? - Don't be an ***.
    It is true that these new migrant scums think that Karachi is their land of guns like NWFP or FATA. They need to be kicked out. Karachi was so peaceful before these ANP scumbags came and took over. I'm afraid in the future Karachi will be divided into 2 divisions. One for Pathans who never will own the city and the other for Urdu Speakers/Sindhis/Punjabis the people who have made the city what it is.
    Thnx again, if by 'traditionalist' you mean "blind molvi follower" then I am not though i listen to every school of thought and offcourse attempt to authenticate the source.

    I will definitely bookmark this website and will visit from time to time.

    JazakAllah nd Thanx.
    hey V9,

    Thanks for the useful post in 'controversial thread' revolving around religion and democracy.
    If possible, can you please provide the link/source for your post, as I am sure there will huge list of similarities b/w 'Islamic system' and 'modern democracy'

    Thnx a million
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