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  • ethana perunu exact ah theriyadhu......naan appadi sonnena naan anda valiya thaan college ku poven..appa neraya board la TN govt vechu kuduthathu nu pottrukum...

    Ada pathi friend kitta ketta appo thaan sonnan ipaadinu..

    Anda loosu koo*** solra maari neraya peralam thappa kaidhu pannala.....they were arrested because they were the relatives of the accused and there were cases against them in the Ukkadam police station.
    Yes, it is now in the late stage of development which is close to be done. The article claimed that the succesor of Tianhe-1 will use indigenous CPU made by China.
    What question buddy? I think I already have the question. If you are still skeptical about everything I posted, then please consult everything to Martian. He is much more knowledgeable than I.
    sariyana comedy piece nga avan.......naan pudicha muyalukku moonu kallu case avan....Chinna payan.
    thala pothum....avan reply pannatum mappuram paathukuvom...posukunu ban panniruvanuga ivanuga
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