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  • Dude, you're a US Navy physician right? So where are you
    commissioned right now buddy? Are you posted at one place or
    keep moving around? :)
    Same for you. I must admit - you are one of the most decent Americans I have yet come across in discussions. My advice is that be prepared for some harsh Anti-American sentiments here and maintain your cool. I understand that our cultures and beliefs do not match. But we can benefit from each other's knowledge and be tolerant to each other's views. Though not all people will be soft. Best of luck on PDF. :)
    No problem, bro. Glad to meet you here and looking forward to more talks! See you in the boards.
    Hi, US bro. Its me Gessler. Hey sorry I talked rude on USN back in
    the INS Teg commissioning thread, I went headstrong back there...how 'bout
    making up for it? I've sent a friend request. :)
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