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    Are you ready for Big Data? 10 overwhelming facts everyone must read

    Big Data represents a section of the IT industry dubbed by many experts -- Analytics. Analytics involves tools and technologies like the R language , tools like HADOOP and other technologies. SAP which is an enterprise resource planning software is already a manifestation of how much work...
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    RSS: No need for secularism in India; colour of flag should be turned saffron as tricolour injects c

    Many people like Bal Thakeray , Praveen Tagodia on one side , Akbaruddin Owaisi on the other side are openly supportive of actions favoring their respective religions. Again there is the "so-called" secular brigade - leaders like Lalu,Mayawati , Mulayam etc who adopt a version of secularism...
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    What will be the benefits if West Bengal becomes part of Bangladesh?

    Courtesy Spring Onion (JANA) in the thread ---- What are some cultural differences between Bangladesh and West Bengal? Here is a write from Indain Prespective about the difference . West Bengal-Bangladesh divide: Mamata may have had reasons for opposing Teesta treaty West Bengal chief...
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    What will be the benefits if West Bengal becomes part of Bangladesh?

    This is ridiculous. Never gonna happen and for multiple reasons. Culturally a "Ghoti" and a "Bangal" are about as different as apples and oranges. Now add the religious factor into it -- Hindu Majority West Bengal and Muslim majority East Bengal. With secular bloggers dying in droves and illegal...
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    I am not anti-India, I am pro-Pakistan: Shaan

    No bro i have just one ID .....Urbanized Greyhound :) i was off radar for a while :) Busy with life etc . Am not quite back , these days i just login once in a blue moon and post very rarely :) before WAAR was released ....in fact years before , he acted in a movie called Khuda ke Liye...
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    I am not anti-India, I am pro-Pakistan: Shaan

    well that's his decision :) if he is happy with just the pakistan film industry then thats his personal opinion and perspective. He shouldn't expect other artists to be so myopic though ;)
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    I am not anti-India, I am pro-Pakistan: Shaan

    Shaan is a brilliant actor . I first saw him in Khuda Ke Liye ( dir : Shoab Mansoor ) . Was quite a big fan of his for a while but what he says is frankly quite ridiculous. Art , culture , music and cinema have traditionally always been detached from politics for years before he even begun...
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    Chuck Yeager tweets about PAF of 1971

    hahaha ....this is hilarious comming from Chuck Yeager because his personal plane was damaged in the pre emptive IAF airstrike haha and he believed Indira Gandhi deliberately targetted it ☺☺☺☺ The guy actually spoke to the Nixon and Kissinger administration telling them to send american troops...
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    Open Debate | How to conduct a 'reasonable debate' between Pakistanis and Indians on PDF?

    There have been reasonable debates between us for years here .It's just that the trolling sometimes exceeds boundaries.I suppose that is part of the whole discussion thing. Overall though discussions have more or less stayed in good health as long as we know who we are discussing with. A troll...
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    How do we make PDF better?

    yes i saw them too since i was lurking on the forum since 2006 and i only joined 4 years later in 2010 ....but then to be fair to the actual old timers like malaymishra , webby , kidwaibhai , imran khan , agnostic muslim , muradk sir etc etc ....their posting was at such a high level that i was...
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    How do we make PDF better?

    i may have a suggestion which may be hilarious as it is innovative but i have a feeling it might just work .... If a member is banned for trolling or abusive language , then introduce a statistic against his name ....no. of times banned( reprimanded) : 4 ...something like that and make...
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    Rationale discussion with indian members on PDF simply isn,t possible

    Irrationalism from any member brings out replies from the others in kind.
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    New mystery missile under development ?

    wow ☺ looks very interesting ☺
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    RAW formed to wipe Pakistan off the map of the world: Defence Minister Khawaja Asif

    ridiculous , by the same stupid logic ....apparantly so was the mossad , the isi , the cia , and the kgb with respect to their adverseries . PS - Ahsan Farouqi , the android application for pdf rocks ☺ Well made
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    Nine Bangladeshi Nationals Nabbed in Bangalore for Illegal Stay

    Illegal workers come in droves wherever there is infrastructural development large scale. The Real estate business is booming in Bangalore and contractors do not mind hiring workers who work twice as much for half the wages. It saves on costs anyways. Not to sound demeaning or anything , but...

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