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  • It's very unfortunate that a member like gogbot was banned permanently.
    By the way,I am just a 19 year old boy,studing in National medicle college in 1st year.I learned everything from google and members like you.Actually my aim was to join the IAF as a fighter pilot.So to join NDA i sat on UPSC exam after HS and passed,I also passed the medicle tests but much to my frustration I failed the 'batery and aptitude test' and lost my chance to join the NDA once and for all because I have crossed 19th year in april.That's my story.
    Now if you don't mind may I ask you about your job??
    Hey there bro,how are you?Do you remember the gogbot?I liked his very informative posts especially regarding LCA.Do you know what happened to him?PLEASE reply mate.
    THANX pal,you are such a kind man.I learned eveqything from senior members like you.So you should be THANKED.Was a big fan of yours from when I was a guest.Keep up the good work.
    Many many THANX to send me a friend request.It's an honour for me to become a friend of a persion whose posts I like so much.
    Keep up the good work buddy.
    Anytime my man, I do sincerely wish though that it was a hot grly who had sent me one. :P
    Eta sotti karor haat i poriskar noy, taabe congress er haat poriskar noy bole ta BJP er aporadh maaf kore dey na.

    But I do agree Congress and BJP are two sides of a same coin.

    Gujjus have through out been rich, what Modi did is to carry on with the mantel. Also Gujrat did pretty bad in HDI indices in Modi's time. FDI means naught if it only makes Ahmedabad and Surat all snazzy!

    Modi is no doubt a good administrator, but that's not the only quality one seeks in a Prime Minister.
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