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  • Great to hear buddy.Keep it up.And SORRY for late reply,got busy.
    u havent seen nothing of me man ,u just go to IDF as guests & u see all my thread like TOP 10 weapons of world,russia ,israel ,europe ,china & all countrer measures of all pak counter measures to our ABM ,i had posted ,JUst check it in ur free time .THANKS
    Hey bro,how are you??No news since long.How did your exams go??PLEASE try to reply.
    THANX in advance........................................
    A quick message to let you know there is a China defence forum up and running. I invite you to participate. We have a fledgling translator team that will be translating unique Chinese defence content into English as well as a culture section where we will post tid bits offering insight into Chinese language and culture.

    If you are interested, check us out.

    Oh,I am very SORRY dada.Ok,I will not disturb you now.Bapok vabe exam dao. Be succeeded in your dream and make us proud. Wish you Best of Luck.
    Very SORRY my friend.As I told you all of my sources are from google and pdf.So can't help you with F 22 beyond that.But you can follow their website,will get many infos about it.Besides atleast for the F 22,the wikipedia pretty much reliable.
    You can ask me about the Arjun's Kanchan armor and the ammunition system.Because these 2 systems have been tested constantly in PXE.
    THANX for your informative reply friend.Your views regarding Arjun tanks are identical to mine.Even with its 59 ton weight Arjun can run at 72km/hr on road and 46 km/hr on cross country which is almost same as Al khalid.
    I would like to point out some of the flaws of Al Khalid.
    1.Thiner armor.They say it is 750 mm RHA but it is most probably against HEAT.
    2.Carosaul autoloader which can not house long rod penetrators.Besides it stores the ammo around the crew.Now if its armor is penetrated the ammo will cook off and crew will die an agonising death.
    3.Its cude interior.The exposed nut and bolts will definitly kill the crew if it is hit by a HESH round.
    But still according to them Arjun is a piece of junk compared to their almighty Al khalid!lol....
    Hey bro,here pakistani members constantly argue that our Arjun mk1 can not stand against their Al khalid.Do you think that way?I think the oposite because when a heavy weight meets a light weight most of the time the former wins.I am asking this question because now IA has ordered 250 mk1(total) and 124 mk2.
    By the way if you want to know something about Arjun armor and ammunition system you can ask me as my dad works in PXE Balasore as a mechanical engineer.
    Man, I can't express my feelings in words for your so much generous and precious advices.I will say only one word to you-THANX.
    And yeah,from now on my sole aim will be to contribute something to my country for which my friend sacrificed his life just like that.I will never lose hope.If not as an officer then I have no problem to join as a jawan so that If our govt. grows a spine in future I can make those bastards pay for what they had done with their lives....
    THANX for your sympathy Dada.Your kind words make me understand that good men are still there.
    When I think of it I get angry,wish to cut his name on those bastards' chest.Some times I think of joining CRPF but then I think without proper training and equipment what good I will be?Then I think to join the IA to get the proper training,arms and body armor.But when I calm down I realise that our govt will never grow the spine to do the right think because they don't give a damn to a soldier's death as if his life comes cheap.The thing which gives me the most pain is that no more than 15 days earlier from that cursed day,he contacted me and told that he wanted to see his mom.He told me because he did not want his mom to worri for him.
    I have started to lose my hope.I try but can not forget him.Can you please advice me what should I do??
    3 year ago on 26 th june I lost my best friend to the Maoists. He was a briliant student. When his father died he had to leave his studies.My dad offered help,he gently refused.He joined the CRPF and was sent to Orisa against maoists without proper training .He told me that every day they were fasing deaths.On 26th june his squad ran into an ambush,despite being shot Pritam Da(3 year older) kept on firing so that the others might live before being overrun. The b'tards tied him to a tree,cut his throat and his belly,tied his guts around his neck as a neckless,lastly mutilated his face.When his body was brought to our town the whole town was there.All but me were crying.I forgot to cry,got scared.So I ran away.When he was alive I knew that if the whole world,even my family and friends turn against me,there would be still one support who will be always there.But now when I get up every morning I find that my walker has gone too far away. So that was the story.SORRY if I bored you.
    THANX buddy for your kind words and sharing your story.Are you a bengali?I wish you best of luck.Be succeed in your dream and make us proud.And THANX for your precious advice,I will keep a low profile.
    By the way,I am telling you here that 26 th June is the saddest....rather worst day in my life.
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