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  • Congrats on making it to senior, I take it that you weren't issued an infraction during this entire time ?
    If so you'll probably be the second member after me and the first Indian member.
    I do not have this title, however I have already requested my favourite bookstore to check for it's availability.In about a week, I will most probably be reading it.
    Don't stress yourself with the pleasantries, I am an analyst but I also teach at universities regularly. Anyone seeking knowledge is welcome to ask me any question without any second thoughts.
    I also enjoy discussions with you so it's actually no problem!
    This is an extract from the Kashmir Page of Wikipedia:

    As the Kashmiris had suffered under the Afghans, they initially welcomed the new Sikh rulers. However, the Sikh governors turned out to be hard taskmasters, and Sikh rule was generally considered oppressive, protected perhaps by the remoteness of Kashmir from the capital of the Sikh empire in Lahore; The Sikhs enacted a number of anti-Muslim laws, which included handing out death sentences for cow slaughter, closing down the Jamia Masjid in Srinagar, and banning the azaan, the public Muslim call to prayer. Kashmir had also now begun to attract European visitors, several of whom wrote of the abject poverty of the vast Muslim peasantry and of the exorbitant taxes under the Sikhs. High taxes, according to some contemporary accounts, had depopulated large tracts of the countryside, allowing only one-sixteenth of the cultivable land to be cultivated.
    Hi, I found a quotation from the Wikipedia article you had quoted that mentions the ban on cow slaughter and azan, which were Raj policies.
    "Though compared to the Afghans, the Sikhs were mild and exerted a protecting influence, yet no advantages could compensate to their Mohaomedan subjects, the idea of subjection to infidels, and the prohibition to slay kine, and to repeat the azan, or summons to prayer".
    I will send you extracts about the isolated incidents of violence against muslims and disregard of mosques by extremist individuals/groups in due time.
    I have a huge library that I need to search for these references. Give me some time and I will post some extracts from some of my books.
    Many many THANX dada.From that particular point of view,tumi akdom thik.Kintu,when I remeber those moments when Mamata denied the very existent and then even supported those b@*s*@*ds,I can't control my emotions coming out.When ever I remember her words,only thing comes to my mind is the mutilated face of my brother.So giving all respect to you dada,just asking you,how can I just forgave her after all what happened...............not only to my friend but also many other jawans????And as a matter of facts,it was our beloved 'didi' and her tmc who ordered to stop anti naxal COIN ops in WB and the operation now a days has been stand still.That's how 'mahan' she is.Bhebo na je ami CPIM supporter,actually for me they all come in same category-f*c*ing b@s*@*ds.
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