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  • Hi. Thanks for the wishes.

    Its a bit late now but happy new year :)

    Sorry i am never online much anymore :s
    Hi, just to let you know, I copied your post over to two other threads where it was relevant. Did not want you thinking that the forum was acting up. :D
    hahaha its a very tricky forum to remain unbanned there and still get your point through-- anti-pak-- i would welcome any help!
    ah alright. and haha no more quries. Though i wanted you to be girl there is no other female on the fourm who is intrested in cosmology other then me T_T.

    but your cool too
    Haha your choice dude/dudet. Speaking of which are male or female your name is kind of confusing.

    Also your a physist right =o? what catogary of physics do you teach ?
    Stephen Hawking is awesome. And yes carl sagan does inspire me. If i were to ask to make list of top 5 it would be

    5- Working on it don't have any at the moment

    4- Joannas Keppler (astronomer form the 17th century)

    3- Steven Wilson (musician)

    2- Stephen hawking (you already know about him)

    1- Carl sagan ( IMHP one of the best humans to ever walk the earth) I am sure you know of him do you?

    And haha you only took 2 months to reply but its cool ;D.
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