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    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    Stupid and funny, hilarious actually :D and according to the comments by Indians not offensive just funny ;)
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    20 states demand secession from US

    Lets inject some truth into this nonsense filled topic: Austin Files Petition to Secede from Texas, If Texas Secedes from US - YouTube Not a single state has requested secession, just a handful of crazy right-wing citizens have.
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    Countries with most Billionares(Latest)

    You guys do realize that is a bad thing, right? Concentration of wealth on such a massive scale is not a positive but a very "Guilded Age"-type of development. It is a symptom of a much larger problem. Only very, very few of these actually earned this money through brilliant innovation, most...
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    Stupid and funny from all over the world - II

    Just in case you guys missed this recent, hilarious, viral video xD
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    Chinese billionaire selling air in a can

    When absurd satire becomes real-life.. you know the world is messed up..
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    Blasphemy: an indispensable human right

    If you neighbors wife controls a financially, philosophically and spiritually immensely powerful ideological cult or institution that hold large influence in the life and political and societal structure and opinion of billions of people and has been dead for more than a thousand years... your...
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    Hong Kong Muslims protest anti-Islam film, cartoons

    A muslim on facebook:
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    US Deep space outpost on the far side of the moon by 2020? Amazing!

    I heard that there is precious helium 3 up there ;)
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    Saudi Arabia: World Islamic body pushes global blasphemy law

    I'm curious if non-believers and other reasonable people have to riot violently and kill some people every time offensive stuff like this happens somewhere in the world (which is every single day..). Things like disrespecting human rights to free speech or the right to be free of religion (part...
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    Blasphemy: an indispensable human right

    Great Article, thanks for posting.
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    'God particle' announcement expected

    The "God Particle" that has absolutely nothing to do with "God" (whatever that might mean to you).. Stupid Media.. It is called the Higgs Boson and if it is indeed what has been found it is the particle responsible for giving mass to particles. so yeah it has as much to do with the various...
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    NATO supplies are unlikely lifted anytime soon

    And here we are no more than a week later with the supply lines re-oppened.. Great, reliable source.. :rolleyes:
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    Religious circumcision of kids a crime - German court

    Apparently you don't know what the words "logic" or "bodily integrity" mean..:rolleyes: The infection thing is more myth than anything. Recent studies show that circumsision might actually increase certain risks while not significantly alleviating any others.. Its absurd if you honestly...

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