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  • As for the imperialist thing, they try to hammer down their thoughts more than often and since Science has provided big tools to establish claims, they have left the old age philosophic discussions over morality, reason, free will, predestiny and the whole religious baggage. Although the message becomes far more understandable to the avreage man, it becomes kind of hollow and this makes many people feel that something has been left behind.

    Read Russell and then read Harris. Yes, Russell was a philosopher but Harris' works are downright accusatory and more than often targeting one group only (as he clearly has apologetic tones towards Judaism). Similarly, even Dennett who is a philosopher does not come as big a package as Russell. Imagine Bertrand Russell armed with today's evidence on evolution. He would destroy all competing debates.

    The imperialist thing is that more than often they show sympathies with the "liberal religious groups" i.e. the sunday church people. I find that offensive for belief in all tis forms, moderate, liberal or fanatic has equal value.
    Religious debates aren't allowed on PDF.

    Although I'd like to have a totally philosophic debate and that will be far from intolerant, but obviously a bigot here or there would mess the thread up and hence will not achieve anything other than inflammation.
    yup, I am into all kinds of Scandinavian metal

    as for nightwish, Tarja was awesome, Aneetee is a big ***** & my nightwish is dead

    ever heard of German Folk Black Metal Band called 'Equilibrium'??
    Just write it, no need for a picture, as members are gonna take it as a picture of the prophet PBUH himself, as this type of picture represents the Uncle Sam poster, saying Uncle Sam wants you etc etc.
    Lolz.. Yes I am doing very well thank you. I recommended meditation because you were stressed. Where exactly are you from in Germany though?
    It was practiced by Hitler too i think, the Zero order to Albert Speer for a nationwide scorched earth policy, when allies invaded Germany. I am just asking, i a may be wrong.
    It was a good watch, but I have heard/read this kind of viewpoint, so it is not interesting to me anymore. I have given my response in that thread. BTW, did you read my last post in the other thread we were having our conversation? If even you have, I suggest you re-read it, perhaps you can obtain some food for thought.

    Oh! Well! They spoiled all my fun .... I have a hundred pictures of Khomeini and no where to post!
    all my posts are in finality no argument accept it or reject it things have been proven If atheists don't wanna accept i don't care..
    Wie komsmt du auf dieses Forum, ich bin durch nen Kumpel hier gelandet. Bist du Student?
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