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  • Thanks.
    Yes I am in pakistan.
    No I just asked her about you out of curosity, as she is a very active member of the forum and knows alot...anyways...uhve got a profile on facebook?
    What can i say if u haven't heard .
    But i like this name it z vry peaceful n dipicts LOTssssssss of hope when life bcomes slow n every thig seems 2 b in great turmoil n darkness.
    yah I know girls are doing good all over.
    thats okay.. I did not mind it at all.

    what?? you are a girl? I didnt know that...I am sorry I asked about your university and stuff :)
    I always had interest in business as I belong to a business family.
    yess, your choice is good I guess...btw which university? and wats ur age?
    yes a very good step indeed but we need these sort of efforts on a big scale..
    No, I didnt tried in PAF..I was not good enough. :)
    education in Pak is good as long as you can afford it, I mean if you cant pay for expensive universities, you'll not get good education.

    Lol, Its bad times all over the world including UK and I have recently heard that they have stopped highering employees from other countries--so now people will have to get back to pakistan...:P
    I have been offered international business and management....
    actually I always had interest in PAF and one good day I was searching for JF-17's pics and came across this forum...followed it for a long time and eventually joined it..
    lol, Actually I have done my graduation and now I got admission in UK. so waiting for my calsses to start.
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