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    Pakistan cricket can collapse if india wants: Rameez

    Other countries have gotten better and Pakistan has not kept pace. That's clearly India's fault. We did not start 20/20 and other variations. Other countries did. We just managed to find the right formulae supported by a huge fan base. We all play Test series, a five day test of skill strategy...
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    Pakistan cricket can collapse if india wants: Rameez

    Ramiz urges PCB to strengthen its financial status The newly-appointed PCB chairman said that the “PCB must strengthen its financial status to increase its value before the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as other cricket boards”. He told the committee that the Board of Control for...
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    Pak visit for specific, narrow purpose: US Dy Secy of State

    You are repeating the "mistake" with China today. As you did once with US , then the Gulf Monarchs who gave you more Islam because you did not have enough, recently with Turkey which seems to have cooled off a bit after the Turkish economy hitting a brick wall.
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    It is a charity up to a point. It lends money at LOW LOW interest rates so High risk countries who are unable to borrow from other sources, and have exhausted their means of recovering. It does attempt to ensure you carry out painful but necessary reforms to sustain the debt you have incurred...
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    Since people like to compare petrol and electricity prices to the West. Let me tell you we in the UK subsidise workers by enforcing a minimum pay and if you sit at home for 50 years not working than the Govt will pay you for housing food energy education health care etc for those 50 years. You...
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    Pakistan has "extricated" itself from the IMF 22 times before. It always then returns after a splurge back to the IMF to help fix the mess after Extrication.
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    Opposition seeks NA session over NAB chief’s extension

    Remember how Imran used to rail against weakening Pakistan's institution ?? How he was going to bring real democracy to Parliament. This PM runs Pakistan's govt through ordinances he writes at Bani Gala with an inner circle. This elected PM has lowest record of attending Parliament in Pakistan...
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    Pak visit for specific, narrow purpose: US Dy Secy of State

    Then why is Qureshi meeting her ( Deputy of Sec of State) and probably went to the airport to greet her. In India she did not meet our Foreign Minister Jaishanker as she is not the US sec of State. Why do Pakistani's fawn and bend their knee for her with full protocol ?
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    No Quarantine For Fully Vaccinated Indians Travelling To UK From Monday

    Good news they have accepted India's COVAXIN besides covishield and approved India's vaccination certification.
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    Its right time to withdrew from ICC and cricket ?

    More than 40% of the PCB budget is paid for by Indians. Without India PCB would never be able to arrange any tours and would become a broken down village committee. You take India's money while falsely accusing India of sabotaging Pakistan cricket. Good news about NZ's Pakistan tour will be...
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    Final call on sanctions on S-400 deal to be taken by Prez Biden, Blinken: US dy secretary of state

    Last Year literally every PDF Pakistani posters were turning cartwheels assuring everyone that India was going to be sanctioned. At the time I offered any amount from £500 to £5000 saying there would be no sanctions. The money to be placed in the hands of webby who will judge who was right. I...
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    Thank the Saudis who were then on a mission of Islamising a Islamic country by opening a and funding the string of Madrasa's with oil money Again like Zia but this time train loads of dollars curtesy of the USA There are thousands of Indian newspapers and Hundreds of TV stations. Your press...
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    THE BEST METRO IN THE WORLD? Inside The Incredible Delhi Metro!

    Almost all journalists from the world who visit. We can see with our own eyes anyone attempting to talk to a journalist are followed by a retinue of plain and uniformed minders. Often an attempt to speak to someone on the street and a few plain clothes make sure he does not speak and uniformed...
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    Rahul Gandhi Attacks Centre Over the Chinese Invasion at Ladakh, Uttarakhand

    It maybe a mystery to Pakistani's but that is the job of the opposition to hold the govt to account. We are not a "security state" and criticism does not label someone automatically as a "security risk" to be quietly warned by men who cannot be named of consequences.
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    THE BEST METRO IN THE WORLD? Inside The Incredible Delhi Metro!

    They who is they ? Some say it is So what is eating you, because someone said its the best and you do not like their views This is not China where the CCP tells you what to think and what to say. Where critics are locked up for 15 years in some forced labour camp to make money for the party.

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