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    Ten most censored countries in the world (2019)

    Every culture has their own sensitivities. In Thai culture, the king is considered a fatherly figure and that position has to be respected. Let's be practical when you are comparing Thailand to these 10 countries. It is nowhere close to what, for example, Turkmenistan is. You don't need...
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    Tejas first flight happened 18 /19 years back...2 decades but still no inductions.

    Unless you were living under a rock, the jet has been deployed for quite some time. Google Flying Daggers squadron.
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    Indian Air Force should drop its plan to make more Tejas Mark-2s & focus on AMCA fighter jets

    Agreed. As much as Tejas helped mature the Indian aerospace sector, the time has come to apply that knowledge on a future proof aircraft. 180+ orders are good enough for Tejas series both MK1 AND MK2. AMCA is the future and we badly need something to replace the MiG-29 UPGs and Mirage...
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    Portuguese Army plans to acquire new small arms

    Countries have been at each others' throats for centuries in Europe. With the advent of EU, it is very much possible to make that happen. If Switzerland can do it, not impossible for Portugal. Besides, almost all European armies today are outward looking rather than looking to fight each other.
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    N-AMCA enters Design Phase, Navy Mark-2 development to start soon

    It always does. IAF is ruled by a bunch of immature and insecure commanders who behave like teenage girls on their first evening at a discotheque. IN leadership has always been pragmatic and is the best service arm when it comes to indigenisation and asset management.
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    Austrian Armed Forces

    I meant voluntary merger. The differences are too subtle. Anyway now EU is very diverse due to immigration; so it won't hurt if they merged voluntarily into a single nation. Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein are completely Germanic while Switzerland, Belgium and northern Italy are parts of...
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    India Will Never Be the Next China, Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma Says

    Correct. Sadly, thanks to Nehru things will now take a longer time to change. But we will make course corrections in the future.
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    India Will Never Be the Next China, Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma Says

    Bravo. I agree. You are right in this sentence. Democracy in its current form is weak, and resorts to giving control to people in ways they don't understand how to use power except for selfish gains.
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    Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher’s order: police

    Agreed. There is absolutely no regional difference when it comes to heinous crimes against humanity. None of our countries are safe until we have scum like these in our societies. Politics apart, this is about personal safety. I don't understand how such people can do these things when they...
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    Singapore hospitality in Vietnam

    Looks simplistic, beautiful and very nature-based. This is tempting me to visit Vietnam. Hopefully I can get time after December to visit your beautiful country.
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    How Indians live near the China border

    Beautiful nature, peaceful villages and kind people. This is how our borders are. :)
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    steel and dust from bold kurukshetra 2019

    Singapore is a time-tested ally of India. We should further expand joint production cooperation of more strategic military platforms with them. I said this before and I say this again: AMCA would be an amazing platform for welcoming Israel and Singapore as potential programme partners.
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    Japan to sell off 100 f15j Eagles

    Well US just has to order one of its NATO members to buy them, and they will. I said Morocco since they are reasonably a mid-sized economy, a stable government and a US ally with almost minimal conflicts. 30 F-15s should be a reasonable size for them.
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    Japan to sell off 100 f15j Eagles

    You want to start a WW3 in East Asia? Selling Eagles to Taiwan would mean Chinese would go full fledged in arming everyone who is even remotely against you in Latin America and Middle East. And they don't even need to arm them with lethal offensive ones; given your military campaigns in their...
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    Imran Khan is currently leading the Muslim Ummah at international forum | Fawad Chaudhry Speech

    Sorry to disagree but Turkey's Erdogan is doing that job better. I mean to say being the voice of the Islamic countries. While MBS is busy cleaning his closet, IK has been busy improving your economy, Erdogan has taken lead in representing the Islamic countries.