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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Good to see you back!
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    OSINT:Shehbaz Sharif leaving London|May 2022

    Aneel Musarat is also a businessman, a property tycoon who deals in sale purchase and construction of flats in UK
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    Khan sahab cant win the elections, Najam sethi

    Winning is not the issue, winning with clear majority is, that is why they are hell bent on stopping Overseas Pakistanis from voting. After 1997 establishment had made sure no govt has clear majority.
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    Bill Revoking Overseas Pakistanis Voting Rights Presented in National Assembly by Imported Government

    Along with the threats FIA is giving to overseas Pakistani's , this will have a detrimental effect on foreign remittance
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    Exocets have kill switches …

    Exactly every missile, even our own have kill switches, just incase the missiles goes haywire
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    FIA Director, who was leading the case against Shahbaz Sharif, is neutralized.

    both the judges were over 60, we need to stop with these conspiracy theories and focus on real problems and issues.
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    Maryam Nawaz Jalsa in Fatehjang fails

    I would have to admit that this jalsa was atleast bigger then what Noora league was able to collectively muster in 2 jaslsa's in Lahore I doubt it would come out as its would cause embarrassment for Noora League.
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    Maryam Nawaz Jalsa in Fatehjang fails

    no doubt she is a big mouth...
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    PTI Chairman Meets Zia Chishti in Bani Gala

    A western journalist also accused Nawaz Sharif of seducing her. Offering her iphones and asking her to become her girl friend, does this also not make Nawaz Sharif a predator?
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    pti mianwali Jalsa

    you should put maryam aurangzeb face on this pic
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    British Pakistani launches ‘Emerging Pakistan’ campaign on 150 London buses

    the message is good, but there was no need to put the pictures of thieves along with the name of Pakistan.
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    Eid with Pakistan Army soldiers along LOC | May 2022 | PTV News .

    thank you, will keep it in mind.
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    Eid with Pakistan Army soldiers along LOC | May 2022 | PTV News .

    When are you coming back from Australia to free Kashmir....
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    What is the formula of real effective exchange rate? Ishaq Dar asks anchor

    he is a fuc#@$g accountant not a economist, accountants can tell you how to save taxes not run a country.

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