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    #INDIAandISIS2sides1Coin is trending on Top in Pakistan

    Iraq /Syria has temples??:undecided::undecided:
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    Jim Rogers says good-bye to India forever

    forget our attitude...Never have seen Amrikan so Anti-India that shows your nationality...in your next birth don't be ashamed to show your roots
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    Jim Rogers says good-bye to India forever

    Still alive to be blown up by Amriki/Pakistani Suicide bomber...
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    India Hangs 1993 Mumbai Bomb Plotter Yakub Memon

    So your advice would be to just have these guys in Prison in the hope of exposing Pakistan??? If so there is thing my Friend,even if we expose Pakistan,what will be the result??? nothing...:agree: Also,keeping them in Prison is waiting for another flight hijack to happen where in these scums...
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    US missiles, attack copters sale plan to Pakistan irks India

    So you think you were brilliant..?ask illiterate pole jumpers even they can see where you are pointing at...
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    Cities Of China

    Yeah you are mightier than the mightiest.. Understand onething...Indians admire Chinese for whatever you have achieved..and we strive to reach there.. I am sure you /fellow Chinese would have aspired to become like this few decades back.. when someone had said few decades to you that you guys...
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    Shohda-e-Lanjot (14 Martyrs of Indian Brutality @ Lanjot Village Azad Kashmir)

    Add more.... #RAWcreatedISIS #RAWcreatedHeatwave #IndianArmycreatedFloods #RAWbehindDrones :rofl::rofl:
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    What Modi has not recognized about Pakistan

    I hate congress for many reasons...this Mani is one among that...:agree:feel Dig Vijay is better than this "mature-educated" thug..:crazy: Damn I wasted my precious data by even writing his name...
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    Central Asians Concerned About India, Pakistan Joining SCO

    Yea Gold and silver is growing in trees there..:coffee:
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    Central Asians Concerned About India, Pakistan Joining SCO

    Damn the Russians and Chinese didn't have this insight...yea may be you are right Pakistan will be best accompanied by fellow Terror infested state..
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    My Question? Why Pakistan reducing ballistic missile ranges, previously publicly announced.

    Too much of mental masturbation ...yea while shaheen or Samosa is Flying in to our landscape our military will be doing Yoga and pray for wellness of our Neighbors...
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    4 terrorists killed in J&K

    yea you can dream no one is stopping that.. but in reality don't ever try that...go watch Pogo or CN...
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    4 terrorists killed in J&K

    When are you coming?:coffee:
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    Top Indian Companies

    IT companies are not classified as top ones??:o:
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    India's GDP to grow 8% in FY16; hit $3 trillion mark in five years

    Lol with ur high IQ...I am a tamilian and a Indian..who gives rats a$$ abt Chinese living next to Indians?? Jews hate Indians..??better convey this to your brothers ...