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    Soleimani StatuteTorched by Protesters

    Set ablaze on the same day it was put up :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha::omghaha::omghaha: So much HATRED in Iran for the terrorists that the regime tries to portray as heroes :sarcastic::sarcastic::sarcastic: What a pathetic clown entity Iran's regime is. Probably took them all this time to...
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    Iraq prime minister survives 'explosives-laden drone' assassination attempt

    The diabolical terrorist state of Iran was not happy with recent election in Iraq. This is their response. Iran needs to be ground into dust. All of the region's countries need to combine and destroy the terrorist entity.
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    Erdogan declares 10 ambassadors persona non grata

    Not recalling the Israeli ambassador? This just shows Turkey is run by Zionists. :cheesy:
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    Will they join the Abrahamic agreements? The Biden administration is discussing with Saudi Arabia the possibility of normalization with Israel

    It's only a matter of time. The new bloc in the ME will be Abraham accords countries against Iran and the countries it occupies. We know which bloc will be more successful.
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    Morocco continues its arms race to scare Algeria

    Algeria is a backwards country that likes to bark a lot. Algerians always think they're part of some war or on the verge of one. Moroccans are much more chill and developing fast!
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    Israel and Jordan agree on largest water sale in their history.

    For Israel, liquidating Iranians and their proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or even within Iran is easy as pie. It's become like a hobby for Israel. Just like going out to play golf, Israel goes out to liquidate foot soldiers of the Mullah entity. It's basically a daily occurrence now so it...
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    More than 30 killed as suicide attack rocks mosque in Afghanistan's Kandahar

    It targeted Shias, so could easily have been Taliban themselves or Al Aqeda.
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    Six dead in violence at Beirut protest against port blast inquiry

    HezRats trying to stop a judge from pointing a finger at them over the port blast. So these Mullah loving dogs go marching into Christians neighbourhood chanting Shia slogans trying to intimidate the judge. The Christians didn't take kindly to it and fired on the armed HezRats. Some of them sent...
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    Israel and Jordan agree on largest water sale in their history.

    My bad, you're right. Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq are all flourishing with the Mullah influence, Why just last week Lebanon decided to go without power for a few days as an environmental gesture. "Israel can't sleep because of constant fear" - Israel ranks as one of the happiest nations on...
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    Israel and Jordan agree on largest water sale in their history.

    Israel formally agreed Tuesday to double the amount of freshwater it provides to neighbor Jordan, one of the world's most water-deficient countries. A new future for Israelis and some Arab countries in the middle east is developing. It's notable that the countries who choose a different path...
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    Ilham Aliev's addiction to Israeli made weapons

    I see the propaganda against Azerbaijan by the IRGC terror merchants has begun. Iran is trying to take advantage of dementia Joe and the loony fruitcake left wing Demoncraps in office to ruin even more countries and slaughter more people. If Iran makes ANY move into Azerbaijan, Israel needs to...
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    Naftali Bennett to UN General Assembly: "Iran seeks to dominate the region, and seeks to do so under a nuclear umbrella"

    Hardly news is it? even Iranians on here know that's the game. Iran wants to have free reign to do what it likes and the only way it can keep murdering people and devastating every country it targets, is to have nukes to back them up. That's why they need to be hit now and hit hard.
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    Iraqis call for normalization with Israel

    Unfortunately this won't be possible as long as Iraq is under Mullah occupation. They will not allow Iraqis to be free or make their own policy decisions. But the Mullah regime doesn't have much time left, so peace could be on the horizon.
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    Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict 2v

    With skill and precision, the Israeli special forces infiltrated right into the belly of the Hamas beast and liquidated the terrorists. Just as they caught the 6 heinous terrorists who escaped prison. Their 'freedom' was short lived as Israel hunted them down one by one until the last two were...
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    Army struggling to pay for medicine, fuel, food for soldiers | Money Talks

    You have to admire the audacity of the IRGC trolls. The Mullah dogs use Hezbollah to syphon off Lebanese wealth, then opine as to how the Lebanese state is collapsing whie Hezbollah is thriving. You're nearly there. You've nearly connected the dots. You're on the cusp of blurting out the truth.

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