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    FNSS Samur backed Altay

    Altay tank project sabotaged since long years by internal and external powers but we never gave up, we will do it sooner or later. As i know first batch will be delivered with german MTU engine next production will be continue with Turkish BMC engine. One year two year doesnt matter we will do it.
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    Çay Bahçesi

    Bize akıllı ileriyi gören bir devlet adamı lazım, milletini tanıyan tarihini bilen, kudretli devlet adamı lazım. Sözüne dikkat edin, derin teşkilatımızın uzun uğraş ve çabaları sonucu kimi hazırladılar ve bugünlere nasıl geldik.... Erdoğan her ne kadar Erbakanla yol ayırmış gibi...
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    The wars is not won with numbers of missiles or weapons, intelligent, comunication, true weapons bring success. So dont mind about that Khan have how many tupes. We have to use them true place and true time, thats it.
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    Turkish Engine Programs

    Very big step for Turkey, it is only begining for our avioation, larger projects will be reach success contuniesly with permition of Allah.
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    Turkey creates its version of NATO?

    This union will be cover Turkic/Altaic and Muslim countries also some of Turkish friends like Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary etc. We will be has very strong economy, also it will be strategic with massive energy and trade corridor. Another point Turkish NATO mission will be for unsure the stability...
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    Turkish Sensor and Detector Programs

    Korhan really beast! i would like to see it in Turkish army inventory, actually i was expecting a good job from FNSS but Aselsan done better than FNSS and others, even though Aselsan mission different field...
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    Turkish Space Programs

    why 4 sounding rocket same month ? maybe different types and different companies sent those rockets into space something like Roketsan, Delta V.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    Rotax 912 has approximetly 100 hp, PG 115 has 170 hp, right ? Now it is more clear, normally it is impossoble to integrate SATCOM without increase engine capacity even if they dont use weapons load. This model must be powered by PD115
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    True but how they integrated SATCOM without increase engine capacity, it is big question.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    If Satcom and new flir integrated engine must be changed as well, If PD170 integrated it is mean capability of TB2 is increased something like altitude and weapon load.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    It is not Bayraktar TB2 maybe we gave Kargu Kamikaze drone to Syrian National Army because Iran armed iranian terrorists groups at Syria with Kamikaze drones. It must be answer to iran.
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    Turkish Engine Programs

    TS 1400 gonna be used on Gokbey and Atak, it would be tested on Gokbey platform first then Atak. I think next year both helicopter would be powered by TS1400 for mass production. Our defence industry locked this project.
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    Turkish Engine Programs

    TAI going to use it on Gokbey helicopter next mounth, so it will be pass serial production after this phase.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    İt looks like that, thats why i mention about size, they has to work much for TB3. İf they started early to work on it maybe it would be ready soon.

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