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  • Next time don't try to be over smart or you will be out permanent, as the over smartness you show is stupidity in reality. And don't tell me what kind of a mod i am.
    Hello T-P

    Your last post in "BSF played key role in formation of Bangladesh, says new book" was informative and well researched. Thanks for the post.
    I read your posts on the Burqa banned in Egypt thread, well argued dude! You're bang on when you say religion is not really a choice, we are indoctrinated into it by our upbringing.
    Ah I don't think so. Raresoul is not banned but his messages were moderated too.
    Possibly moderated means that I do not recieve an email notification, since I was out of circulation.
    I sure am glad to see the ban on you go. Leon was banned too for a week.
    Take care of yourself buddy.
    LaBong?? You sure can find all the outlandish names for yourself eh!
    Man some really great posts on "Re: Indians and Democracy/Secularism - can someone explain something to me?"
    I wish i could generate some such rhetorical skills.

    Thanks for keeping such standards
    Great byline.

    "Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them" - Denton Van Zan
    Damn!...i thot u were there in my friends list already.....thanks for pointing that out,accepted the request.....we were friends anyway!!!
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