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  • Sir where are you i would still love to know your answer to my question and your views hope you are well thanks again.

    First of all welcome to Def-PK! hope you will enjoy your stay here...for sure you will find some hatered comments for Israel but i think you already know the reason but the main reason for this forum is to have good debates on diffrent problems, issues etc.
    i'm a student and here in Italy mostly Jews are very liked (maybe there is some racism against them too), i've also read the WWII history and i as human being and a muslim feel really bad for what happened to the innocent Jews back then. I personally don't have any thing against Jews but i can't close my eyes on whats going on in Midle East from the past 60 + years and baout zionist jews. If i condem what happened during WWII to jews then i've to condem also what Israel and zionist loby is doing to innocent Palestinians and to all the Muslims now days. I'm fundamently against Zionism and Israeli gov. not against Jews. i would like to ask a quetion to you sir if you don't mind.

    Why Zionist loby exist? did you support them? why Israel don't give Palestinian there rights and a free state? if you hate Muslims?

    maybe my questions are a bit personal but i just want to know your point of view, which i think will be diffrent from that of your gov. thnx.
    Sir good to see you here umm let me know if you thought of my questions .. don't mean to be a menece just courios thx .

    Hi sir how you have been.... Israel is one of the happening things here in India... and i remember 10 years back we hardly knew anything about it.... :) got to love you people.... really brave and daring....
    Dear sir may GOD bless you as well thankyou for such a kind statement you said to me :) by the way i will wait upon your reply and manshma? lolz i do know a little hebrew.

    Toach7 sir can you kindly answer my question from before thx hope you are well!

    Hello totach I wasn't able to welcome you as the introduction thread is closed.It's great to a have isreali on board.Enjoy your stay here .And I have few questions to ask you ,hope you won't mind.
    Thankyou sir for your reply! and wat Israel thinks about the Pakistan Airforce? yes i understand wat you mean by the Arab issues but sometiems we all have our obligtions just isreal has its its poltics and how the world moives around !
    to Lockheed f-16:
    You maybe a nice man but you are full of blind hate to Israel and the Jews so no soup for you
    It is well known in Israel that Pakistan is a country with great history and very good army, I am sure Pakistan would make peace with Israel if it could take
    its own decision regardless the arab propagnda.
    Dear sir still wating for your reply on wat your Armed forces think of Pak forces?
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