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  • How about you message me in my inbox here. I think that's reasonably private :)
    Array topgun, don't worry, Pakistai larki hoon, won't eat you up :)

    I was in a hurry to log out yesterday and just wrote the previous message aisay he. So tell me something about yourself, why did you join this forum? and what do you do?

    And don't worry, the minute I stop enjoying this forum, I'll log out for good :)
    I just have seven people as friends....is that a fan list. Or is this vis-a-vis someone in particular? :P
    Hey top gun, no problem. i think you can now leave a message on my profile, since we are friends now. I tinkered with my settings a bit.
    Nadia ji i cant send you back a msg as your page is not showing where i can leave you a response kahar! wat i meant was your INTEL as in your thoughts ,views , say about you know etc anyhow have a great day! AH ..
    We in Israel respect the Pakistani army and air force
    I will write you about it
    I Think scenario 6 or 7 will be OK BUT India wont agree so the only solution is by Force mind my words. There will a Final countdown Between India and Pakistan
    But why?

    Dear Sir,

    I am not so long on the forum but you are a senior member, I have to feel honoured my friend.

    Pakistan Zindabad!
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