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  • Salaam

    I see from your profile you do real estate investments are you in the east of west coast US?
    Still you are unable to answer the reason for negative rating.
    Or calling your PM with his original name is prohibited in Pakistan?
    You were given a negative rating for trolling, disrespect towards Pakistan and or its PM is will not be tolerated. Now i suggest you watch your words around here and perhaps be more productive simply !!
    Hello i am ok with the grace of ALLAH , Adil how are you ? and how is our sister ? PM me and i will give you the info choto :)
    Hi? how are you bhai?
    hopefully, everyone is good at home too.
    Well, you didn't add me on Facebook nor did you dropped your username otherwise I would've added you by now.
    Hey @TOPGUN can you close one thread for me please?
    Hello, I can not close any threads I can only give rating. Plus what thread are you talking about ? thanks.
    Ace I am chump and the movie shall be good but I think you should stop worrying about me and others and stick to your Bollywood chump :)
    Dalai Lama
    Relax my bruh. I'm just pulling your leg. Don't let politics cloud your judgement. You are a sensible poster.

    I don't watch Bollywood either. Just because I'm Indian, doesn't mean I like Bollywood. See what I mean?
    Lol oh my bro its all good I am also pulling your leg politics don't ever get the best of my judgement too busy in life for that my brother. Well we are friends now I take it see what I mean ? ;)
    bhai how are you?
    how's everyone at home?
    i was wondering if i can have your facebook name? so that we can be connected more conveniently.
    Hello chuotu, how are you ? and how is my sister ? did she get married already ? I am ok yaar Allah shuker and so is family. Sure we can connect there you are my younger brother :) give me your facebook info and I will add you :)
    mein fit, you can see itna bara tu hogya hoon and samjhdar k aj PDF use krta hoon finally ♥
    aur sunae apnii? dekh len humko ap yaad thy
    Mashallah, chuotu may ALLAH always watch over you and your family. Yes you remembered thank you we will stay in touch add me on face book if anything.
    can anyone guide me abOut the criteria for ISSB Grading ?
    what do we mean by :
    CHARLIE 41,42,43,44
    and what activities does effect this grading the most
    after recommendation some can't make it to the final merit list , the reason is perhaps grading
    how do we improve our grading ?
    hello sir i wanted to know that which systems are actually developed by pakistan for jf 17 and did we play any role in its designing and development phase or made any indigenous system excluding chinese systems or is it a paint job.regards
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