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    Govt forming separate company for building Dhaka subways

    Not before 2030. There are a lot of Metro project which are yet to start.
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    Indonesian-Bangladeshi kid dumped by his Bangladeshi father in Saudi after his Indonesian mother passed away.

    Smart lady... ;) More and more women are leaving their children to their father these days..... LOL
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    Initiative to buy 16 warplanes for Tk 25,000 crore

    By the time we start receiving the EFT our economy will well pass 1/2 a trillion dollar mark.. Now even a road project cost around 2/3 billion dollar.. rail coming as high as 12 billion dollar. So, sure we can afford these EFT and couple of squadron more. ;)
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    Dhaka residential buildings to be maximum eight storeys, Rajuk proposes

    No building less than 16 storied should be allowed according to me.
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    Initiative to buy 16 warplanes for Tk 25,000 crore

    YOu are right.. there wont be more purachse in the short term. But there will be domestic fighter aircraft in medium term.
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    Walton exports LED TVs to Greece

    You cant buy directly from stock market but have to have a BO account with one of their agents. Most banks do offer this service along with brokerage firms. You can search bangladesh brokerage which should land you with some of them. And the stock market is fully digitized and you can see live...
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    Pakistan says all visa restrictions for Bangladeshis removed

    Most likely like many other upper class people she studied in english medium missionary school in India
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    Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing - Updates & Discussions

    If not then they are Burmese or Indian bots taking a muslim name to create disturbances. Huge Indian BJP whatsapp university bots are all over in the commenting sections in youtube and other news site.
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    Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing - Updates & Discussions

    Not sure about that... Looks like deals were made with Arakan Army. Nobody wants any ethnic friction in Arakan which will benefit MM army thugs. So the support will go to Arakan Army in return they will live peacefully with Rohingyas.
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    Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing - Updates & Discussions

    Krishna Thapa (the commentor) was an Indian plantation slaves in Malaysia.. I am sure Rohingyas are creating hard competition for those lowest throng in Malaysia.
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    Bangladesh FM urges world community to slap sanctions on Myanmar

    History repeats itself.. The Arakanese always needed our help against MM.. They got it for the last one millennium and they will get it in future. Every other solution not going to work there. Did not work before and not going to work in the future. Bangladesh will never arm Rohingya but will...
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    Illegal migrants tried to ‘occupy’ Bangladesh Embassy in Hanoi

    There is no standard definition for 3rd world rather a slang word used by the western world. They used to designate western Europe and north america and japan as first world. Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as 2nd world and the rest including China as 3rd world countries. UN has far...
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    Illegal migrants tried to ‘occupy’ Bangladesh Embassy in Hanoi

    These idiots went to Vietnam with investor visa to invest millions of dollar there. You did not know the entire story.
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    Bangladesh’s GDP per capita projected $12,500 by 2041

    Pre 1997 entire ASEAN was star performer and were expecting to be developed nation by 2020 same as China. You guys failed there. BD was actually making sure it can reach SDG by 2015 set by United Nations and was very poor. BD barely met it and now reaches the stage of what you were in pre 1997...

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