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  • Yo iajdani I have been seing your posts for I while now, and would like to say keep up the good work :) oh and can you send me some pictures of BD..
    Nice to know that someone from BD is actually thinking with his head.
    I find ur posts interesting and worthy to read.

    Keep the good work and continue this positive thing.

    Hello my friend, I read you message on the forum on Vested Property Act and it aroused my curiosity. So bthought of dropping you a line.

    My great-grandfather was the nayeb to the Kumar of Bhawal, and owned substantial lands in a village named Sukna in Dhaka subdivision. However they were absentee landlords and mostly resided in Gandaria, Dhaka (I still have an Imperial Post Office passbook giving the address at D.N Sen Road, Dhaka), while also maintaining a house in Calcutta.

    A little after partition they abandoned what they owned in the East and permanently settled in Calcutta.

    I was born in 1981, a good 30 years after this dramatic chapter in our history. But I was raised besieged by the tales of life in East Bengal all mired in nostalgia. As I grew older and knew how substantial was islam's presence in Bengal, I grew ashamed of the plain contempt the older generations around me bore to it. To them islam was the religion of the marginalised sections, and so by implication best ignored altogether. Indeed as a child my idea of Bengal revolved around West Bengal with hardly any realisation that a country where 80million spoke a common language and shared a common culture lay immediately to the east.

    I sometimes wonder if the moneyed upper classes among the Hindus brought the partition upon themselves by their own conduct. I can well sympathise with the emotions of muslim bengalis in 1947 wanting a state of their own if only to be free from the tag of being second class citizens in their own land.

    So I hang my head in shame knowing that I am descended from the same group whose blind contempt and denigration of fellow men, led to the partition of India.

    Now having said this, I was very amused to read you writing about how the vested property act safeguards property abandoned by those who left for India, and conceptualises the possibility of the owner returning someday to reclaim it. You think I could arrive one day in Dhaka and lay claim to the lands I would probably have inherited if things didnt turn out otherwise? Of course I would not do that in my dreams, but just an academic curiosity ! Great is the burden of the past on the lives of us from the subcontinent, isnt it!!!

    Will look forward to your reply brother.

    e-mail - satyaki.chanda@gmail.com
    listen bro, i read your posts today, and i was very much impressed with your arguments. We have encountered each other before, and it was on topic of the illegal immigrants. Unfortunately i did some immature harsh talk on the subject, but it was only a response to some trolling by one of BD members. So i just thought i should apologize regarding the issue and clear it out. Thanks, see you around man.
    hi bro .
    i've got a problem. i've my interview scheduled for sub inspector isi could you plz help me?
    Yes I know.. I was too busy in a project. But getting free now this week.I missed all you guys.
    Hey hiii....how are you???....hope you are doing fine,dont post much this days!....busy,eh?....god bless,regards
    R u online? How can I 'thank' people for their posts? I don't see the thanks 'button' in posts...
    hey bro wassup? i like ur posts specially in Bangladesh related threads. what city are you from?
    wow thats very strange specially to find somebody in a forum with iasdani.
    Yes I am in BD now. what about you?
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