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    Fazlur Rehman meets Ajeet doval .

    Really everyone woke up after this.
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    Amid Border Tensions With Pakistan, India Begins Using American Satellite Guided Artillery Shells

    History has shown us that freedom struggle fought on the blood of innocents do have a logical conclusion. So do the Kashmir will have.
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    If we had $$, which fighter jets would PAF buy?

    Modern day air warfare is no more dog fight specific where you would require pulling out crazy manoeuvres. Air show performances and air battle are two different things. Airframe has taken the back seat while avionics and weapon systems are of prime importance. You would see the performance of...
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    As India Inducts Rafale on IAF Day, Pakistan Uses Bot Armies to Make #RunAwayForce_IAF Trend on Twit

    For sure they are not experts; they saw with their naked eyes the fate of IAF on 27 February. On that very day same Mirage 2000 and SU-30MKI were the first to turn back and ran like jackals. The ones who were flying those aircrafts were also experts like these. We welcome such experts; they make...
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    ZDK-03 are stationed PAF Base Masroor and are assigned for PN sea surveillance.
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    Our F16s and the Indian Predicament Spanning Nearly Four Decades.

    Day dreaming is good at least to make you guys feel better in a fantasy world. Just like kids; choosing among different lollypops to figure out which one is better. Keep guessing and choosing; suddenly another surprise will come.
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    Our F16s and the Indian Predicament Spanning Nearly Four Decades.

    Let's talk about reality; the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We have shot down your MIG-21 and the world has seen. Show us the one from your side to prove how good you are.
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    JF-17 Thunder Block III is no match against Rafale

    Let Abhinandan fly it and soon it will meet it’s fate.
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    India shows off the MKI that Pakistan claimed to have shot down. True?

    No; it’s not at all swipe at Pakistan. Infact; Abhinandan leading the formation of MIG-21 BISTI; is a flying sign of disgrace for IAF and is rather good for PAF. It speaks of the quality that IAF possesses in terms of manpower. This is the best they got; and they are telling themselves; similar...
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    Lockheed Martin Pays Tribute To PAF F-16 Achievements !

    Interestingly found the pictures of F-16AM serial no. 84709 with both No. 9 Squadron Griffins and No. 11 Squadron Arrows markings.
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    Lockheed Martin Pays Tribute To PAF F-16 Achievements !

    No; 606 is the SU-30 killer since it was shot down by F-16BM.
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    Lockheed Martin Pays Tribute To PAF F-16 Achievements !

    The pictures implicitly suggest that PAF’s F-16BM serial no. 92622 (flown by Squadron Leader Hassan Mehmood Siddique) shot down IAF’s SU-30. However; one of the patches of No. 11 Squadron shows different serial nos. 606 and 731. Could you elaborate on this based on your info?
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    Pakistan navy post 2020 - Future Plans

    One important point is the indigenous development of supersonic missile for PN as per MODP 2017-18 year book. If this is ship-borne system which might be the case most likely; then it would be requiring bigger platform – Destroyer. So; we might expect positive development regarding the...
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    Pakistan navy post 2020 - Future Plans

    Contract was signed on 05 July 2018 and according to Turkey’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) the first PN corvette will be built in 54 months from the current date with the remaining three due within 60, 66 and 72 months respectively. So with that all four ships shall be delivered to the PN by 2024...
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    Bharatis Whining About Pakistan Building an Airfield in Mansehra

    Kids think that they can fight Men once they get a new lollypop.

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