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    PM Shehbaz announces 10pc 'super tax' on large-scale industries

    Traitors elite paks at its best zindabad pak elite. 71' never happened.
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    Ukrainian neo-Nazis beating and kicking Indian women

    They not Indian, may be thousands of yrs ago but they are roma people. Not condoning the nazis actions
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    Japan turns a potential job market for Bangladesh

    The amount of young to old demographic is becoming largely lopsided japan's gonna be in trouble
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    Japan turns a potential job market for Bangladesh

    These technical interns in japan are treated badly and modern day slaves. The Chinese worker get given false promises
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    Citizenship Amendment Act will not help us: Bangladesh Hindu leader to Indian journalists

    Coming from a pak Muslim that adheres to a caste system. Every pak Muslims I met asks what caste I am and they precede to tell what caste they are. Most were Muslim killed in 71' these so called traitors voted for the new leader of Pakistan but you back stabbing traitorous elite didn't allow it.
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    Citizenship Amendment Act will not help us: Bangladesh Hindu leader to Indian journalists

    These people are an double edged sword, they will scam and con bd institutions, banks and people and send it back to India where they will live like Kings
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    Bangladesh will pay 11 BILLION DOLLAR to Indian Adani group

    Who opened this thread? Normally thier profile is on the top left hand corner.
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    Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal Sentences 3 to Death Over 1971 Atrocities

    Have you noticed, since the start of these hangings yrs ago, that as soon as these traitors got rounded up and hanged. That Bangladesh leadership has gotten stronger and the country started progressing faster? Like pak elite back stabbing a strong wise leader imran khan that would have led...
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    Video of 1971 war

    I am glad bdesh has separated from Pakistan, till this day Pakistan remains deeply fractured and has internalised racism against some of its own people. Imran Khan would have led Pakistan to rise and become stronger and more prosperous. Yet the Pakistani elite stabbed him in the back, they...
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    Video of 1971 war

    I don't know why half the stuff is full of omissions when comes to this, it never mentioned mujib won the elections but was denied to be leader. It never mentioned mujibs alternative demands of Pakistan becoming a federal state. Which led to self determination.
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    Washington is proposing that it's time to kick Turkey out of NATO over it's view on Finland & Sweden

    Going into the classic eugenics race are we. Let's create wwlll and cleanse people master ayrans must rise again. Master Lord white race have done nothing to aggrieve brown people since post wwll other than bombing, stealing, installing puppets gov, creating coups, interfering and putting...
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    Need to bolster defense, security cooperation with Bangladesh: Indonesian TNI Commander, General Andika Perkasa

    It's about time, Inshalla Bangladesh will become an economic power house, Indonesia will become mighty. Turkey is advanced. These countries should create an informal club as we become mighty inshalla we will make it formal. The wild card is Pakistan as they are easily influenced by the u.s...
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    Do Bangladeshis under appreciate the great Quaid e Azam?

    Another trade/profession school should be Web programming and software coding. As you don't have to be a PhD student anymore to be a coder. It's hard for some for others it's not. Just a grip on listening and understanding concepts, should be a requirement. Most of the work force can stay in...
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    Do Bangladeshis under appreciate the great Quaid e Azam?

    English is already a second language in Bangladesh, good English education is only for those in rich positions this includes both India and Pakistan. Bangladesh gov, needs to establish English medium vocational training centres for those who already have experience in the field. As...
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    Do Bangladeshis under appreciate the great Quaid e Azam?

    Mr banana sh** head, in bengal the admin and court languages were Persian during the mugual age the educated Muslims class leaning these languages to get jobs in govt. Bangla was spoken in casually on a daily basis at home and may be on the streets. Then British came along and made english the...

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