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  • Wsalam,
    No i'm just here & sometimes on my own forum these days. Left that website in 2009.
    Nice work BTW;-)
    Sir hats off to your photoshop skills

    though i want can you just make a picture of Real JFT carrying FUll A2A configuration bt with dual rack SD-10

    And a full A2G with multiple LS-6 on hardpoints

    or a combined COnfiguration
    with a fuel tank under belley,
    2 LS-6
    4 SD-10(2 dual rack of sd-10 on two hardpoints
    and Pl-5 on the tip of wings

    would surely be very nice
    My friend my page on fb is hacked.i know the person who hacked my page

    doyou hve any idea how can i get my page back?

    as i am the creator of that page bt recently romoved from admin ship..thanx in advance
    create its naval/ground attack versions...or make multiple versions with different A2A/A2G weaponry....what else;-)
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