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  • Hey you have nice deliberative skills and vast knowledge,i saw the way you turned the heat on Chinese members in the inner mongolia thread,even with their usual diversion tactics they were unable to get out of the topic.
    Hello sir ...Thank you for accepting my friend request . Its great to read your posts . Looking forward to hearing from you :)

    regards ,
    hello bro

    Hey i was thinking about asking this for the last some days.

    Under which name was u known before this name.
    Good job on the thread but I think it's futile to try hammer sense into those idiots. It's better to give those sort of threads a wide berth so as not to damage your reputation.

    Sir i did tried to read the histroy thread but some times guys use to cross there limits to defend any incident so i decided not to go there again but i think so i should go there
    sir dont bother to reply to that leader guy he is a big mess here he just called female army personals as prostitutes just ignore him
    with regards
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