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  • Hello sir in that israel helped india to turn kargil there is my post just above yours quoting a post is there any truth in that
    Hey, if someone undergoes laser surgery (lasik), can he still become an officer with the indian army/navy/airforce?
    Sir,it would be appreciated if you can tell me whether military colonies' security is outsourced to private contractors.If yes,then are they permitted to carry firearms?.
    Sir I checked wiki
    it says India fielded only 12000 troops against china's 80000
    if it is the truth then why it is called a humiliating defeat it is not possible to defend aggression of80000
    with 12000
    Have the British commenced another Opium War?

    You harp on 1962.

    Good for you.

    But you seem to avoid Chola, Nathu La and Sumdongzrong Chu which happened after 1962.

    If you were so coc.ksure of your might, how come you failed to help your best friend Pakistan in 1962, 1971 (when the US gave you a green flag signal) and during Kargil?

    So, cease your bluff and bluster.

    And as the Americans say - cut the gas and get on with the order!

    Sir can you please tell me about these three bolded incidents(especially 3rd one) and its impact on China
    because it is always said that we lost everytime with china.

    I did not asked it in thread as it will lead to trolls
    Hi Elmo,

    He does not annoy me.

    I find him quite a helpless person with immense insecurity.

    But if he does personal attack,(because he does not understand English and mistakes an English idiom 'flying the coop' for 'coup'), I am sure you would yourself would not let him off the hook.

    Yet, based on your advice, I have not gone ballistics.

    If I put him on Ignore and he goes on with his personal attacks, then I would look a real idiot!

    Hello, why not add the user you are getting annoyed by in your "Ignore User" list.
    Hi! Last warning, slow down with the Bangladesh members. Try not to create troll fests.

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