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  • 1.The Royal Bengal Tiger is not only our national animal but a sort of a national symbol. I am happy you like it - although this is just a cub. I have absolutely no problem if you use this in other forums.

    2. Since I am yet to make 700 posts I cannot send a PM.
    all the kargil vijay diwas threads have been deleted.can you give an explanation to this?when i sent a private message to a moderator,this is what i got:

    As its not needed anymore. Threads of similar nature are already there, no need for opening new ones each year and boost the ego.

    can do something about it?kindly respond
    Jaguar does not have a sales or distribution center in Bangladesh yet. Although, it's feasible that one might prop up anytime soon in the future. Fifteen years back, having BMW or Mercedes Benz showrooms in Bangladesh was unthinkable. And now we see them, and they are profitable. Although, much of the money used to buy them are black money. However, those Japanese cars are still extremely popular. Their reliability, amid the tough life in Dhaka is just legendary. Some years back, as the BNP fell from power and the military backed CTG took over, one BNP lawmaker abandoned his Hummer H2 in the middle of the highway so that he doesn't get caught, lol. In the end, he did. It was the first Hummer I'd seen in Bangladesh.
    That's because cars in Bangladesh are expensive. A certified pre-owned Corolla imported from Japan would cost almost $27,000 in Bangladesh (I know since I own one). Much of that cost come from duties.

    Imagine how much a brand new BMW would cost.

    Bangladeshis have money, it's just that they have to pay more for the same luxury stuff in India.

    And believe me, even owning a Corolla is considered a luxury in Bangladesh. When a Bangladesh commoner sees one in a Corolla: he would say wow, onek boro lokh!:rofl:
    No I agree with you, the people are essentially the same. I in fact have great respect for India's rich history, its diverse culture, the government's pledge of promoting a secular culture, its ethnic & religious diversity, its fascinating geographical landscapes, everything. But there are a few deficiencies both India & Pakistan need to take care of in their own countries.
    I wanted to apologize today for my part in all the unpleasant exchanges today. You are one of my favorite Indian posters, & I have great respect for your opinion. I realize some of my comments were out of line today.
    Who is this chap and which post?

    Let me try to answer him.

    what daily attack?

    Attack India in the forum?


    No no..
    Don't you know that China said that?
    China said that attack on Pakistan would be considered as attack on China. I was just making fun of them as they could not do anything even after daily attacks.

    And I love the way you support other Indians. Jai Hind.
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