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    If India and Pakistan Went to War: 5 Weapons Pakistan Should Fear

    The only weapon we truly fear is prostitute Bajwa leading the PA in any war
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    Agreement not being kept, MQM tells PM

    MQM = Chution ka tola
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    They feared I would appoint Lt Gen Faiz Hameed as army chief: Imran Khan

    Faiz is as useless as ISI or he could have arranged a heart attack for Bajwa, even chutia shahbaz is better in dealing with potential threats to him
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    Court accepts pre-arrest bails of PM Shehbaz, son Hamza in money laundering case

    do we have any system of holding these sell-out judges accountable?
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    PAF New Batch J-10 C Spotted

    Taking a missile, fired by your opponent, up your *** is not considered having lunch, dinner, or breakfast among sane people.
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    Pakistan Armed Forces Will Observe A "Dry Day" Every Friday (And Other Measures) to Save on Fuel Costs

    A dry day a week won't cut it, we need to slash the Army budget by 50%, too many corrupt good-for-nothing sell out at first threat generals. Bajwa should be paid by chor tabbar for being their bitch
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    K-series classified missile info leaked to ISI.The engineer was honeytrapped by a Pakistani spy with the lure of love

    ISI is busy trapping Imran Khan these days to save Bajways *** from article 6 trial
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    High ranking serving military officer demands COAS General Bajwa's resignation: Major Adil (retired)

    Bajwa and Faiz should be tried under article 6 for conspiring with a foreign country to topple an elected government and impose an imported and corrupt gang as Pm of Pakistan. Bajwa and Faiz should be hanged publicly for creating chaos by interfering in political matters against the elected...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    But MK was absolutely against the cannon
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    Petrol Price increased 25 rupees. Petrol Price now 237

    Just 30 bullets, just a mag of AK can fix the issues, is there anyone? any 30 volunteers to change the history of Pakistan forever for Good?
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    Gas Loadshedding started in Karachi

    Thank you MQM for stabbing Karachiets in the back
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    Suggest me a new I.D name...

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    Electricity problem is due to imported coal, shehbaz Sharif

    and you know it was the PMLN government who did it, not the PTI government. this idiot has a short memory or he is a blatant liar trying to put it on PTI
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    Gen Qamar advises officers to prepare for 'changing threat'

    He himself is the biggest threat to national security and a confirmed GHADDAR. he should be shot dead by some junior officer

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