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    What Taliban think of India- in their own words

    Pakistan says Afghanistan whether under Taliban or anyone should do according to them or go as per their wishes like a big brother or boss. But has it done anything in Afghanistan to make a dent in people's mind that actually Pakistan is a friend. Big things like Road, University or hospital or...
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    India: Muslim Woman Converts to Hinduism to Marry a Hindu who Kills Her After a Fight

    Yes, It is a crime....dastardly. The man will be punished. But it is a domestic violence. But the difference is there. The girl converts to marry and after some days or month that there was a fight and the crime happened. In other cases crime happens after the boy conceals his identity, marries...
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    Featured Temples, Train Attacked as Bangladesh Violence Spreads After PM Modi Visit

    The Hindus in India are the experts in all these, where they openly lynch you for even eating your diet. He said not in India, What you told happens (very rare, you can count) in India, but outside. Example Pakistan and BD, where Hindus don't even protest let alone hurting Muslim majority if...
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    Peaceful Hindu activists threaten Kerala Catholic nuns; nuns forced to change to civilian wear for safety

    No conversion bill should be passed as quickly as possible. Then only this can be stopped.
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    Very Sad to see Pervez Musharraf

    Some Indian friends don't believe in Election.
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    Lakshadweep: Centre proposes ban on cow slaughter, beef

    Yes, it happens. Crime can happen anywhere. But whenever a region or a country becomes M majority, there will prevails. I haven't seen any M country which allows other religions to practice 100% freely. You may counter me by tell that India is a secular country and all others are Islamic. Now...
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    Lakshadweep: Centre proposes ban on cow slaughter, beef

    Just see, "Muslim Majority" and just think what will happen when an area becomes Muslim Majority?
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    China has world's strongest military; India at number four: Military Direct's study

    Without threat of Nuclear weapons, every tom dick and harry can screw china.
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    Featured Bangladesh: Rally held against Quran petition in India

    99% of Hindus or say from other religion haven't read Quran in their life time or know anything about what is written in that book. All they know from media is that whenever there is violence or blast between followers of Islam and others and between them also, they perpetrator of those quote...
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    BIG News: UAE is now giving Citizenship to Foreigners

    To UAE members. I know, Religion will pay the first criteria, Country next. But believe me try to give a few Hindus (deserving) citizenship. Those will be the least to create problems for UAE. If you still have doubts, give them with conditions. To further my POV, just look for examples in West.
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    China turns Ladakh battleground with India into a ‘microwave oven’

    All the Best to China for propaganda War. Actually you are good at it to your own population. Keep it up. Next in line some Laser ray or something. :D

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