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    Usage of "Indian Subcontinent" should be banned, Say "Asian Subcontinent"

    But its not Indian Subcontinent, everybody refers to it as South Asia
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    Zawahiri's killing: India must hit terror at its source

    Clean shave? so you mean to say they're more professional looking?
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    HHI Launches South Korea’s First KDX III Batch II Destroyer

    If SK wasn't just another US province, I'd say they have a major chance of becoming as influential as Japan was in the imperial state.
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    ‘If a judge unconsciously follows incorrect view, he has freedom to adopt correct view of law’

    I really think UK needs to abolish dual nationality law.
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    Pakistan is in big trouble

    :( Video Games finally gotten cheaper but PKR went the opposite direction. Truly the fates are against us.
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    PMLN to protest Infront of GHQ: Javed Latif

    Just what went through your head to come up with this sentence? It really tickles my spine. :flame: :flame:
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    Google expands ‘Android Earthquake Alerts System’ to Pakistan

    I'd wager the data even worse now given the change in political affairs.
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    Why is bicycle not popular in Pakistan?

    A CD70 costs pretty much the same (Or cheaper if used) than a good quality brand Bicycle... And that's hilarious lol
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    Singapore ‘Karen’ tells Korean tourist to cover up or ‘get raped by Indians’ (Video)

    That too, I also think that skimpy clothes actually do well for personal hygiene as well! Less smelly people around! :D :D :D :D :D
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    Singapore ‘Karen’ tells Korean tourist to cover up or ‘get raped by Indians’ (Video)

    Tbh, people trying to make do with minors isn't just exclusive to indians, it's just a social problem that goes beyond the demographics, especially where social acceptance of people by the other sex is very low, man or woman, they find comfort in minors judgement. The root cause is very...
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    China looks to invest more in Bangladesh Railway: Proposes 10 projects

    If countries do not develop their railway system, they will never prosper. That's the mindset I follow because it is the MOST efficient transportation system.
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    Singapore ‘Karen’ tells Korean tourist to cover up or ‘get raped by Indians’ (Video)

    No, not really. Much like how pakistanis basically try to change their ways when they go abroad, indians do the same. And indians abroard usually do hold a pretty good paying job so I dont think they'll be that thirsty when it only takes one cheap trip to the you know what
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    Europe Spring - 2023

    Fate of the EU in the US control is obviously going to get messed up big time. EU needs to stop taking its orders from washington.
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    PLA has advanced far across LAC into undisputed Indian territory and is continuing slowly to further advance, Claims Subramanian Swamy

    1. False because it is the US that tries to plays enemies by making China the boogeyman. 2. that's purely the point.
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    Fate of Pakistan in Punjab's hands once again

    You're blowing it out of proportions than it need be this time. Things are relatively more on the calmer side this decade.

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