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    1. desiman
      I dont know, i never ask all that, no use. Hope you liked it. By the way reply to that riazhaq guy on the facts about India's budget hike thread, this guy is really pushing it.
    2. Hammy007
      my dad said that i must decide for my future, i said to him, no way i gonna study in pakistan, for higher education i should go abroad, because of US visa restrictions i have come here to study, so i ended up here. my dad wanted me to do medical but i like and enjoy engineering, haha
    3. Hammy007
      electrical engineering from manchester uni, n u??
    4. Hammy007
      cheers to mods, i was really sickened by this troll really, i think he/she should be banned bcoz of writing all nonsense esp his/her racist views and derailing every other thread.i like this forum and to maintain its standards im am playing my role. others should play likewise. this forum has greately reduced its high standards and i worry about this...

      secondly thnx for your appreciation.

      cheers mate
    5. Hulk
      Would like to know your comments on my article about why Pakistan blames all attacks on India.
    6. desiman
      NP bro, dont loose your cool ever. The stupid guys are the ones that post such stuff to satisfy their little egos and its upto smart people like you to not reply to them and further give them satisfaction. W.E. happened forget it and move on. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)
    7. desiman
      The guy has also been banned now so he won’t be posting anything racist anymore lol
    8. desiman
      The thread is closed now so relax and don’t stress. Trolls like the guy who started the thread will always exists, just don’t waste your time on them brother.
    9. desiman
      Relax brother, i have sent a couple of msgs to the mods, just wait for a couple of hours to see what happens. Dont overreact and get banned. Again have patience and keep you mind at level. Dont make any bad comments and be labeled as a troll. Don’t want to loose you also.
    10. DaRk WaVe
      DaRk WaVe
      y wud i like to check it out?
    11. ashisbutt
      I have! Thanks dawg
    12. desiman
      Wow thats nice, sounds very interesting. Where did you come up with this idea ? let me know if you need any help and keep me posted.
    13. Hulk
      We made him a Rocket. If someone is flaming and you keep clam, he will flame more, one of better ways to deal with such people.
    14. A$HU
      hiiiii.....ya u are right but they have to vent out their frustration as india is advancing towards a very bright future un like theirs which is indeed dark and gloomy..Just tell any of these that india will become a superpower in future,a fact that most of the people agree with,they all are so frustrated ,pissed off and i just enjoy that moment.
    15. IMADreamer
      no yaar have not gone there yet but i heart a lot and want to go there .my some family memeber is living there too so most of the time i feels jealous:-)

      i got a job offer from pune too but choose second one(Because Delhii just become my second home and off-course from here i can go every weekend to my home and can eat food from my mom's hand:-))..

      BTW my Uncles family(Chacha,chachi) is living in navi mumbai from 15-20 yrs.:-)

      hahah everybody just become little bit biased towards his city,school,gf/bf ,family.etc. and it's common all over the world :-)
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