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    Pakistan Foreign Minister tweets humiliating Indian PM Modi

    I am not worried at all. Infact I am saying he should be elected again. Its none of my business if you keep raping your kids and butchering muslims over beef burgers. Good luck to shinning india :p
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    PTI expels 20 lawmakers over ‘horse-trading’ in Senate polls

    I think your concerns are genuine but now things have changed. Remember PTI was also part of APC which unanimously approved National Action Plan.
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    Pakistan to provide training to army troops of Islamic countries

    Great development, most Islamic country forums like OIC and GCC are impotent , one reason is they dont have any military might. A professional small symbolic army would give a huge boost , only if its not use for political purposes by members of Islamic alliance against each other.
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    India waking up to a malnutrition crisis and its dire consequences Is there hope? April 4, 2018 in

    This is shameful for a country who spends billions on arm imports. Children and dying of hunger and government is busy in making india a supa pawa.
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    The Rape and Murder Of A Young Girl Has Shocked Pakistan

    Certainly shocking as people are not use to these violent crimes , unlike India where it happens on routine basis and thousands march to protect them. Very sad indeed , but judiciary is very active in Pakistan and will prosecute the offenders as we saw in Jainab case.
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    Janes: India withdraws from FGFA project, leaving Russia to go it alone

    On a serious note, no matter what indians say , Russia and India are no more strategic partners and this has nothing to do with Pakistan. Its just that India has changed its Masters. However I do believe that Future belongs to China and Russia and India will once again find itself standing on...
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    89% Of Pakistan Cannot Afford Internet – IMF

    What is the source of this news?
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    Pakistan Foreign Minister tweets humiliating Indian PM Modi

    You cant stop indians from surgical strikes , they are over billion in number and have no access to toilet and those surgical strikes are really urgent. Not just Pakistan, people across the globe are jealous of him. He is mighty powerful. Loves woman so never tweeted against rape, he has...
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    Pakistan Foreign Minister tweets humiliating Indian PM Modi

    Hahaha this guy comes up with a new logic now. Well you ll never have a foreign minister like Pakistan , thats for sure. It certainly is embarrassing and very disappointing to see because fake surgical strike claims are finally being debunked. I know its tough for people like you who watch...
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    Pakistan is hedging bets on China as dollar reserves deplete

    Nobody cares, Pakistan never made tall fake claims. Bringing Pakistan into everything is not the excuse. Typical indian mentality.
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    Imploding Indian Army

    So true yet Democracy is shameful at least in India. No to forget that india tops in corruption in Asia and indians are the most unhappiest people in South Asia, thanks to democracy. So good luck with this democracy.
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    PAF's New Nuclear Base Bholari ?

    Pakistan is an independent country and has the right to build whatever they want, whats the problem with these so called indian experts? And what are they expert in? Claiming false surgical strikes?? Or expert in killing innocent Kashmirs through state sponsored terrorism via Indian forces.