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  • Butters - a little lazy nowadays. I read a lot more actually, and only contribute when I have something sensible to say. Way too many pi$$ing contests here!! LOL!
    Hi, a quick message to let you know there is a China defence forum up and running. I invite you to participate. We have a fledgling translator team that will be translating unique Chinese defence content into English as well as a culture section where we will post tid bits offering insight into Chinese language and culture.

    If you are interested, check us out.


    We need some Americans to argue with, so please join :)

    I know you Texans love your trucks, meat, guns and artillery. As strange as this may sound, I can relate a lot to the Texans (of all Americans)....

    you are the Pashtuns of America!! =D
    Hi, I was doing some research on Freemasonry and I happened to stumble upon one of the forum threads and you stated that you are a freemason. I would love to get some information off you as it would help my Freemasonry report alot :)
    Been sparsly posting.. been reading a lot though if you noticed. There is a lot going on nowadays, SWAT, Mesud etc. Having a "stay at home" vacation week catching up on yard, pool, dealing with the heat.. :-)
    Yes, I agree I should post more. I end up reading far more than I post. My golden rule has always been " engage brain before putting mouth in gear!". I also try to steer clear of some the Indo-Pak err..pi$$ing contests. I does add some entertainment value though!! :-)
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