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    Afghan officials summoned to GHQ, asked to handover 76 'most wanted' terrorists

    I believe Pakistani side have submitted "Enough evidence".. "Concrete evidence" and "Solid evidence" against those 76, which can stand in Afghan courts.
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    Pakistan started space programme 8 years before India, today ISRO is galaxies ahead

    Still not late for Pakistan, it can catch up, unless it pumps the resources in positive and right channels.
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    Actually this should go out from event.. we had enough of circusbazi
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    Indian Flag on Burj Khalifa

    UAE to mark historic visit of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan as the Cheif Guest on Indian Republic Day, world's tallest building "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai lit up in India's Tricolor. Vande Matram & wishing you Happy Republic day to all members of PDF
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    The thermonuclear secrets of Challakere

    Oh Baby!!! You are absolutely right dude
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    Still clearing the earlier mess: Manohar Parrikar

    And then Pappu will say he has earth shaking evidence against Manohar Parrikar...
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    Indian officials manhandle Pak journalists in Amritsar

    Oh baby!! u seems to be happy with this. Pakistani reaction after HOA conference is a real randi rona. Now the next complaint will be Pakistani contingent served cold food and coffee served was not warm :lol::lol:. Very bad Indians
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    Indian officials manhandle Pak journalists in Amritsar

    Usual Pakistani randi rona. Now Mods will rush to remove my post immediately, but they deliberately overlook same kind of comments made by Pakistani members.
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    Khalistani Terrorist Caught !!!

    Am so disappointed, thought his file will be closed like Bhopal jail escapees. Anyway's, give him police style memorable reception one he's back to jail.
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    Former PM sir !

    Leave it!! nothing new every body knows this, he was a booty licker and a spineless PM of democratic India for 10 years. Look at his involuntary body reaction when he saw madam.... Just 2 days past his voice was back..
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    Tejas in action: Dropping bomb and firing Missile

    Oh,baby, just an old share by a new-bee on PDF and Pakistani elites & seniors (PDF) jumped in like hungry wolfs... god why such frustration!!
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    Pakistan reaches out to UN over LoC tension with India

    Oh,baby!! cute Pakistani finally did the nuclear fart :lol:
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    Two militants and a soldier killed in Kashmir gunfight

    So much of gung ho from Pakistan to reduce the heat on LOC, thought the first thing they would do is to hold the infiltration. Back to square one & business as usual.
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    Pakistan reaches out to UN over LoC tension with India

    NEW YORK: Alarmed by the escalation of tension with India along the LoC+ , Pakistan on Thursday asked the UN to act before the situation snowballs into a "full-fledged crisis". Pakistan's ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi met the Deputy UN Secretary General Jan Eliasson and the Chef de Cabinet...
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    Pak Army Requesting Talks with Indian Army: Claims Indian Media

    Isn't the PA wished for it by mutilating a soldier's body..let them give what they have asked for.