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    1. metro
      hi bro. do u know about bharat swabhiman andolan ?
      its a nationwide movement started by baba ramdev against corruption.
      i would request you to promote this mission actively among all ure friends, relatives and acquaintances.
      plz ask me if u have any questions regarding this.
    2. KS
      Are you a ethinic Tamil from Sri Lanka ?? Glad you are here
    3. Ratus Ratus
      Ratus Ratus
      With the ATF series there are some interesting tricks to get full games from the demos. But sorry wont tell, only via PM as I doubt Maj Proctor would be happy with a public announcement.
    4. Ratus Ratus
      Ratus Ratus
      Yes I was the designer of the TDR Award. A real nasty piece of tactical fun. Initially it was just a straight scenario. Then I made it into PEBM. That made things fun from my perspective but the players fell into their bad habits they use in PEBM and not suitable for what I had made so they fell into screaming heaps. The scenarios were designed for real tactics hence outside their normal perspective.
    5. Ratus Ratus
      Ratus Ratus
      Read the thread I posted and if any questions on the games just PM me. I have been involved, beyond just playing, with most of the ones I posted in that thread.
    6. CardSharp
      I doubt that chart implied there could be only three. Just comparing the three front runners and by the looks of it only America qualifies as a superpower.
    7. CardSharp
      Again welcome to the forum, am looking forward to more input from you and thank you for the articulate reply. I had given up waiting for an response.
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