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  • Hey, are you interested in editing and writing information on Pakistan Defence? If yes, i will put you in to see the special section where this stuff is going on.
    As-Salam-Wa-Alikum =)

    I need some information regarding Air force recruitment for 2009 , as a Pilot...

    Can some one please help me with the registration form or information where i can contact.
    I live in Sharjah, UAE and it can be a little difficult for me to get the form.
    If some one can help me with the registration information and the dates i can work it out.
    my details are as follows

    16 Years
    Grade 10 O'levels
    low eyesight (-3).

    Would really appreciate if some one could help me ASAP.

    Thank You.

    Allah Hafiz =)

    Please provide me with the telephone number if u can for Karachi .
    Are you Pakistani or just interested in PAF as i have noticed you make a lot of posts about PAF and Jf-17.
    how are you. i m zimbabwean do you have knowledge about the air force of zim especially about the recruitment
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