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  • Hey, I noticed your flag is Bahrain! I used to live there! American Ally and Juffair was mostly where I spent my time.
    Hows Bahrain going? Hot... I guess...
    He has failed, he has failed to punish the culprits politicians, he has failed to punish Gillani, he has failed to punish those politicians who are killing in Karachi, he has failed in Balochistan & just like the corrupt politicians he has put the blame completely on Security forces for the missing person where as the fact is BLA & the corrupt terrorists are involved in this 100%. He can call in Pak Army right now to save Pakistan from all the trouble Pakistan is in, today Pakistan is in one of the worst place & things have never been this bad & it is all because of the corrupt politicians who are destroying Pakistan for their own personal interest. CJ can do 2 things over here either step aside & let Pak Army do what they can to save Pakistan, of course he will not do this or issue the orders to Pak Army for take over Pak Army have constitution rights to take over Pakistan if Pakistan goes in the wrong hands & that's what exactly is happening. CJ can save Pakistan but he has not.
    "It was this News channel who had said that Lahore has been captured by the Indian forces during the war in 70's. So I will say bullshit."

    Mind giving me the source for that please?
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