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  • Walikum salam brother.
    yara i was very worried about you.where were you for so much long time?at least one should inform before going on such a long vacations
    in Pakistani media there are reports that islael claim 300 billion $ from saudi and other arab countries.because there once live jews.
    like in saudia jews live in khyber.etc etc.plz post a thread on it.
    woh jo akdhar jhanday wala that us ko kiya hua hay?

    Aisay lag raha hay jaisay kissi gair arab nay us ka hisab istaimal kar raha hay
    walikum salam akhi.
    give a look to this thread,don't you think we should revive this thread.
    if you want to open new thread open in world section.and mention name which shows that this thread give continuous update regarding syrian situation.
    and also take help from members like al'bhatti,malik abdullah,salman.because they are in arab land and have access to arab news and also do understand arab politics more than rest of others.
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