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  • 你是一个疯狂的人吗?NiceGuy 是谁?疯狂的狗!
    welcome back mate``what happend to you??

    what was the reason to ban you? last time i got banned because of my mutipul IDs issue which I never had``I guess there are something going on on PDF be carefull next time
    Looks like false flaggers will not allow Indo-Chinese to live in peace...atleast in this forum ...lolzzzz
    Im sorry, i was just having a bit of fun. I hope there are no hard feelings.

    Heyy mate,

    Chinese are seen with great dignity in India or among Indians but it's just this forum. What do you expect from PDF. Indians on this forum do not reflect how Indians actually are in real life.

    And this thread was ruined when ZengHe said 'India - wants to become Dominant power in Asia and recreate the glory of British controlled India.' and 'This new axis of evil is no surprise.'

    After that thread kinda took a turn. Anyways I love Chinese people as well. They're well-mannered and hard working people. :) The thing is on this forum where ever India and China is mentioned on the same thread it turns into China vs India.

    And btw I used to be so pro Indo-Sino friendship just like Chinese Dragon that my own countrymen doubted my nationality. lool But then constant hatred towards Indians form SOME Chinese members and this being a Pakistani forum took it all away.

    Nice to meet you though. Cheerio.

    It won't let me send pm because I haven't reached 700 posts yet. :)
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