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  • Not only people with CS background but yeah they do need cs people. I think you can check out employment times for their ads about recruitment or check their site for more details or check the forums for placement papers etc. That will give you a better idea about DRDO i think.
    Sorry mate. I could not reply earlier. As i mentioned in my post, I did a summer intern there. The seek a cs background with strong algo and good problem solving skills. As far as a job is concerned, I dont know much details. During campus placements they offered starting salary of 6.5 lpa.
    Well yeah...........:P.Even I'm spending most of my time here just learning.
    BTW,namma appa 32 varshagalinda kannada paata maadtaaiddare.....so,I'm awesome at speaking Kannada but viewing the above line,you might have reservations about my writing skills.......:P
    hahahaah yeah he deserved it 2 or more post i would have abused him like hell with all mc bc in full form hahaha
    no,m not in pakistan ji,

    yes, read it in newspaper abt this.
    govt knows this but i dont know from how much time they are living there
    i m not joking,

    it is in haryana,i read in local paper few years ago...although i dont know the name...

    many illegal ppl live there,they dont have indian citizenship.
    dude am the same blackops of india just supporting them for todays match that is it and yeah god helps the one who will hack my account
    Hey dude,
    Please edit your post of fcuking america. (reply to faithful guy)
    It can grt you ban.
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